Shadow Shots – Winter Shadows

A low sun Saturday morning makes a bird feeder shadow. Notice that it is empty? The squirrels can empty it in a few days after we fill it.

Miss LIzzie in our converted front room checking out the neighborhood action while sitting in the sun.

On the other side of the room, LJ the tuxedo cat finds a bit of sun.

The last of the Christmas decorations. They are not quite as much fun to take up and store as they were to bring down and set out. Why is that?

My mil’s pool. She has two little dogs and one of them decided to take a dip one cold winter night is why there is an enclosure. (Incident was years ago, the dog was rescued and is fine.) Looking forward to jumping back in the pool this summer.

Hey come join the fun at Magical Mystery Teacher’s Shadow Shot Sunday 2

9 thoughts on “Shadow Shots – Winter Shadows

  1. Janice E Adcock

    Taking down means the fun is over for a while. I am leaving up items I consider to be winter decorations till the end of January. Then the Valentine and spring stuff will begin coming out.

    Give those kitties a scratch behind the ear for me!

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