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Shadows on the Trail

Saturday I took a short walk on a bicycle path to look for a geocache.

Across this funky enclosed bridge across Mooser Creek.

Next to this tree bunch casting some cool afternoon shadows.

The cache is somewhere in the rocks to the left of the tree. Ididn’t find the cache. It’s about the third time I’ve looked. Everybody else is finding it pretty easily. Oh well, I had a nice walk.

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Low Autumn Skies

Backyard Fence Shadows

This is a backyard shot showing my neighbor’s fence to the east casting a shadow on my fence with the green space to the north. You get a bonus shot of our dog Kodi at the lower left hand corner.

Greenspace Fence Shadows

And here is another fence shadow shot in our greenspace showing a fence shadow from a private residence.

And from my last bike ride. A shadow of my bike during a rest and photographing break. I only do photography when I go by mself. I do too much slow wibble wobbling to suit most people. My problem is that I see stuff I have never seen before and I have to check it out. I have been running, walking, bicycling up and down the Tulsa Riverparks trails for over thirty years and I always see lots of new stuff. Often it is old stuff that I see in a new way! Does that make sense?

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Dogs and Cardio Drumming

Another fence shadow with our Pomeranian Kodi and Me!

Shadows on a nice fall day in the courtyard at the gym for some cardio drumming. That’s my wife way at the end, Heather leading the class. She makes it a good workout and fun.

In 45 minutes I burn about 420 calories or so.

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