Critter Videos for a Pandemic Age

Sometimes when looking at animals I do short little videos. A still photograph is okay with critters who are stationary but sometimes I like to provide a glimpse of the movement of the subjects. Don’t worry, none of these videos are longer than fourteen seconds.

These are the flamingos at the Tulsa Zoo. I love flamingos for the Florida vibe plus even when they are not doing much that are moving around. I find it very comical. These birds were locked up because it was too cold for them outside. It kind of reminds me of recess in grade school when it was too cold to go outside so we were in a cramped room and repeatedly told to not make so much noise.

Giraffe’s are the most ungainly animals but they are fun to watch if they are in an energetic mood. The energy here is the youngster, all full of piss and vinegar.

Sea Lions are very graceful and beautiful. We were just getting glimpses from them in the murky water the other day.

These geese I saw on a golf course were hilarious. They were definitely headed somewhere. I glitched the video a little bit.

Back in the real world here in Oklahoma new Covid-19 cases per day have been in a sustained decline since the first part of January. But…

Deaths per day have increased tremendously. Hopefully they will start trending down as well.

So stay safe folks. Wear your mask, maintain distance, and stay home whenever you can. Our son just got over his infection early this week. My wife and I were tested and found negative and we isolated as well to be extra sure that we didn’t infect anybody. I got my first vaccine shot yesterday and will get the booster in three weeks. I am so happy that the new administration is taking steps to streamline vaccinations and ordering enough medicine to have everybody vaccinated by the end of the upcoming summer.

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10 thoughts on “Critter Videos for a Pandemic Age

  1. Eileen


    I enjoyed your videos, it is nice seeing the animals and birds moving around. The flamingos are cool birds and I love the giraffes. The Sea Lions do look graceful. The geese video is cool , I like your editing.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post! Take care, enjoy your weekend! PS, thank you for visiting and for the comment.

  2. A ShutterBug Explores

    Make so much sense to do videos of critters ~ most of them are always moving ~ I tend to shy away from videos ~ will have to rethink this now I have seen yours ~ thanks ^_^

    Moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  3. DeniseinVA

    Glad to hear your son is in recovery from this thing, and that you and your wife are okay and have had your first vaccination. We are still waiting to hear about our first one, hopefully not to much longer. Can’t be too careful with this thing so we are self-isolating and wearing our masks. Taking care of ourselves as well as others out there is our moto. Your videos are very soothing. Wildlife, all animals, nature in general, gets me in the zen mode. Continued good health wishes for all of you.

  4. peppylady (Dora)

    I recall seeing flamingos at zoo. Such graceful looking birds. Growing up one of our neighbors done the road had pink and purple house with flamingos in yard, and they were the talk of the neighborhood.
    I hope the pandemic numbers goes down soon. I don’t recall see over half of people in stores having mask on. Glad my last vaccine for covid is next Friday.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. Nancy Chan

    The flamingoes are beautiful. There is one in the video with its head going from side to side as it was drinking the water. Giraffes are so graceful even when they are energetic.

  6. Jennifer Jilks

    So nice to hear from you! It’s been ages.
    We’ve been taking our grandkids alternate weeks, I’m still doing outdoor yard duty! I loathed indoor recess as a teacher!
    This awful pandemic. Good to see the critter videos, just heartwarming. It gives one a sense of their movement.

  7. Ellen

    I like your video clips. There’s nothing better than a zoo visit. Irv and I have a membership so we can go whenever we like. It’s a great place to get your 10K steps and cardio exercise in for the day.

    Colorado is trending down too. Hopefully we’ll start seeing the effects of the vaccine soon. We were supposed to be in group 2 following groups 1a and 1b, but then the governor added groups 1c and 1d. I’m thinking April at the earliest. I can’t wait!

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