Shadow Shot Sunday at the Zoo

Last week we took a little family trip to the Zoo. While there I captured images of shadows.


I am a sucker for wooden pedestrian bridges. I have dozens of shots of them. I don’t know why I like them so much. Found this one with some shadows.

And I got a fairly sharply defined streetlight shadow.


I am also a sucker for iron work and the resulting complicated shadows such as this one at a picnic pavillion in the Zoo.

Since the zoo trip we got the kid back to college. He’s pretty happy, maybe too happy to be away from us. We miss him too! But we are also enjoying have the house to ourselves again.

Brother Bob is out of quarantine at his Assisted Living Apartment. He’s been in either hospitals or Long Term Care for over a year and has really worked hard to get to a more regular living option. He’s enjoying mingling (safely) with his fellow residents and is partaking of the activities the place has.

So that’s about it for today!! I am linking with Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

7 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday at the Zoo

  1. Vicki

    Love your shadow shots! Sending kids away for anything is hard. My son went into the Marines when he graduated high school. Being away from me was hard, but harder on me.

    Glad your brother is doing so good!

  2. Barb

    Love seeing Bob in his recliner! Glad he’s doing OK at his new residence. Great that Logan is happy about going back to school. That’s one of the hardest jobs of parents – cutting the grown kids loose and giving them independence.

  3. Nancy Chan

    Great shadow shots. Glad your son is happy going back to college. It is usually the parents missing their kids but we are also used to having the whole house to ourselves in a way. Good to know that your brother is feeling more at home in this place and hope he will make new friends there.

  4. Ellen

    I’ve really learned to appreciate shadows since I started painting. They make all the difference in a painting.

    It’s always a good day for everyone involved when the college kid goes back to school.

    It’s so heartwarming to see Bob having some freedom and getting to make choices of his own. You guys did such a nice job of making his apartment warm and cozy.

  5. Alana

    I have to do more shadow photography, just as soon as the sun comes out. Oh wait, it did the last three days. It is snowing now – more typical. I am trying to figure out what animal (bird?) the picnic pavilion ironwork is supposed to represent. We have some of those streetlamps on a local bridge. And happy to see both your son happy at college (a big step!) and your brother at his assisted living facility.

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