Weekend Reflections – Inside and Outside

At the YMCA I temporarily joined while my regular gym has shut down temporarily for the pandemic. The Y has this big huge south facing wall of windows. Kind of nice to sit in there in the sunny warmth on a cold winter day.

A shot through glass to the tanks at a local brewery. We started going out to such places that took masking and social distancing seriously. With the advent of the new strains we don’t go out hardly at all. Plus both of us have received our first vaccine dose and we don’t want to get sick while for the second shot.

Mcnellies Reflections-1-Edit HDR

And an outdoor shot at a local restaurant. We eat outdoors if the weather is mild.

I’m kind of puny this week. I had a back spasm late Tuesday of unknown cause. That was the day I got my first covid injection but I doubt that caused it but who knows, right? So I have an appointment to see an orthopedic doc Monday so I am self treating with a heating pad, tens unit, ibuprofen, whisky and beer until then. Wish me luck!!

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Note, I may have posted some of these photos before. If I did it is purely a side effect of the self treatment plan.

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