Skywatch Friday – Trees

lafortune trees hdr nik 01

I went on a walk at Tulsa’s Lafortune Park. The trail is 3.1 miles long and loops around two golf courses, baseball fields, a tennis complex, a high school, a public library and there is almost always something going on except it was a cold windy day and I had the place to myself. The skies were overcast so I took photos of the trees on the golf courses.

lafortune trees hdr nik 02

I love trees in the winter. Their twiggy fingers reaching to the sky. I love trees in all the seasons, how about you.

I got my first Covid vaccination shot this week. I think it is crazy that every state in the union has their own way of doing things. I spent two days refreshing my browser every ten to fifteen minutes. The other thing is that here in Oklahoma just because a site says no appointments available doesn’t mean anything you have to click through to be sure. I know others out in blogland have related similar stories. Anyway, I am glad we are finally getting a foothold, a beginning, to rid our earth of this awful disease.

I’m thankful for the vaccine and for the many millions of caregivers around the world who have risked their lives taking care of people who got sick with the disease.

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20 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Trees

  1. Bohemian

    Getting the Vaccine here still a total crap shoot and no appointments can be had even when you qualify, like The Man does, for his turn. Myself and our Grandchild we’re Raising are in completely different tiers regardless of high risk factors making us just as vulnerable to die from contracting this, as any aged person whose lived way longer than we have had the privilege to. I get that the ‘most vulnerable’ populations should get priority but it’s very subjective what they consider as most vulnerable and Rate accordingly. Is a Single Mom still raising Young Children but who has comorbidities and is also an essential worker less of a priority than say an 85 year old in a Long Term Care facility? It’s already proven that availability is skewed by socioeconomic and demographic factors that show extreme bias. I think they should do away with the Rating system entirely and just get this into the Arms of people in massive numbers without Appointments and other barriers that are already discriminating against far too many who will otherwise risk Death, since variant strains with higher rate of infection they know are already among us.

  2. Peter B.

    Gorgeous tree shot with reflection! I like winter trees too. The vaccine rollout is a mess here in CA. My poor 90 year old mother is still waiting, and no end in sight. My neighbor was able to get her vaccine because she’s friends with a hospital worker, who told her to come to the back door of the hospital. Very cloak and dagger!

  3. Barb

    Good that you got your first vaccine shot. Our county is very organized, but now must wait (by order of the governor for other countys to catch up before they can continue vaccinating other tiers. I love trees and that first reflection shot is awesome.

  4. Nancy Chan

    Beautiful leafless trees. Like the 1st picture with the reflection. Congrats for getting your vaccination. How did you feel after getting the vaccination? Did you feel any soreness?

  5. Amy Franks

    Some cool reflections and shadows going on there. Our Covid vaccine hasn’t come out yet, I think there are still tests going on to make sure it works, think I heard it may be out in April.

  6. Alana

    I love trees in all seasons, but fall (and spring) are my favorites. Your first picture had a nice reflection. The vaccine situation around here – frustrating, and some words I can’t put on a blog.

  7. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Greetings and Salutations from Illinois! We are expecting a snow storm tonight or tomorrow. It sure was nice getting out and about today. I went on errands then headed for Lake Michigan my favorite spot on earth. Yeppers, it had mountains of snow where the lake usually rolls in and out. I took some photos but need to figure out how to download them from Iphone to Windows Ten. I didn’t have any trouble when I used XP. The learning curve is keeping me very busy plus I am a caregiver to my husband, John. No dull moments here. I enjoyed the images of trees. Joyce Kilmer is noted for his poetry about Trees. Glad you were able to make an appointment for the Covid-19 vaccine. John and I are on a waiting list. Be safe.

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