Skywatch Friday – Quadruple Threat Week

Coming Through the Rye
Coming Through the Rye by Frederic Remington
at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

Coming Through the Rye shows four horseman in high spirits galloping into town to have a great time. It might be indicative of this week.

Back Yard Skies

First off, this year’s switch to Daylight Savings Time is throwing me off. How can that be? I am retired, I don’t generally have to be anywhere, why is it bothering me. Well it is.

Second, I got my bicycle back. Some guy ran head on to me with his bicycle back in September and it took a while for everything to get healed up and so I took my bike in to get it fixed. Picked it up after a week and went on a test run on the RiverParks and fell down during a botched dismount. No problems, just embarrassment.

And the weather! I went to fetch the kid Wednesday and the skies look a little threatening. Beautiful but threatening. Fortunately all that happened was the wind blew and the rain fell. Welcome to Spring in Oklahoma. It was the aftermath of the storm that dumped so much snow on Colorado.

And then Saint Patrick’s Day. We do our celebrating at home. Saint Paddy’s day used to be huge!! Now its just another day. At least you don’t see as much crappy green beer as one used to find.


And then the kid!! He’s a great guy and he’s about to drive me crazy. Zoom meetings in his pj’s, massive software downloads to upgrade his various gaming devices. Ahhhh!! Glad to have him around though. Really. He’s going back Sunday.

How is your week going!!

18 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Quadruple Threat Week

  1. Carol

    I love Remington sculptures – they make me want to touch them. Lovely skies – and I am having trouble this year with savings time too. I want them to choose regular or savings time and stay there all year.

  2. Peter B.

    I laughed about how the time change is bugging you. Me too! Although not as much as it did when I was working full time. Glad you got your bike back. I prefer my beer to be anything but green!

  3. Barb

    What – you fell off the bike again? I hope you don’t need training wheels for awhile! Daylight savings Time has me a mess, too. You know how I love getting up in the dark and watching dawn? Well, it’s not happening this week. Also, I start getting tired when it’s still light outside. So, is Logan on spring break? I see a lot of OK plates in Summit County. (Also, TX, FL, and CA….) It’s lovely to see the kids after they’ve been away for awhile, and then it’s lovely to say goodbye again. Bob and I got the second vaccine this AM.

  4. Driller's Place

    What a great post Yogi.
    “Coming Through the Rye” say it all about cowboys. The worked hard and played harder. Their horses and their guns were their most valued possessions and the end of the trail meant, a job well done.
    Since I teach a small group Bible Study on Sunday mornings, Daylight Savings Time robs me of an hour of sleep that I have to recapture through a nap on Sunday afternoon. After that, it’s all good.
    Have a blessed day.

  5. Vicki

    Sorry you fell again, glad you’re ok. I’ve finally talked my grown kids into riding bikes again. I was riding a 26″ but it was too tall and that was ok when I was a few years younger but now I’m looking for a 24″.

  6. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Greetings and Salutations! YIKE….you fell off the bike? Glad you are A okay. The younger generation zooms, wear p.j.’s, gamers, etc. He is just doing fine. What is he majoring in? We are having Spring showers in Chicagoland area too. I have seen Remington horse sculptures before but never one as large as the one you posted which is awesome by the way. Thanks for being the host. Take care.

  7. Angie

    Alan – I am not a beer drinker, but my hubby is, and he has never understood why someone would want to take a perfectly good beer and make it green! It has been a good week for us – our son is starting a temporary job tomorrow that will give him a chance to get out of his pjs (and the house) four days a week! I love him AND I think this will be really good for him!

    1. Sallie

      Glad the storm missed y’all. Hope you had a good trip ‘back to college.’ I remember those times. The thing about it is that once those big boys have been away for awhile, you forget about how much actual space they take up. And it’s such a surprise when they come back for a while. No matter how much you love ‘em!

  8. Nancy Chan

    Ha ha…kids are kids…. My younger boy also stays in his room playing games on his laptop even when he comes home for visit. You will miss your kid when he goes back to college.

  9. Penelope Notes

    Haha … our wonderful kids, foul but beautiful weather and falls! Looks like life is very full and about dodging the bullets now and again. Like you … I wish we could put a halt on the time changing.

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