Skywatch Friday – Up or Out

With the weather warming up I have been flying the drone a bit. I don’t go very high and I don’t let it go very far. I look at youtube videos that show the pilots getting way up in the air, higher than the office towers in downtown Tulsa, or flying across lakes or going across farmer’s fields and such. I’m not into that. If I can’t see it then I am not happy and I darn sure don’t fly it where if it falls I couldn’t legally and safely walk over and get it. Makes me nerd but hey, these little things are expensive but they are marvelous. With the GPS built in they can hold their position in even a pretty good breeze.

So I am still mainly in the elevator mode. I send it straight up and then look around. I have practiced a little bit doing turns. It’s hard to do smoothly.

And here is a shot of the moon from a few days ago. The night was not too cool and the skies were clear, so I took the shot. So its not a full moon but I still like it.


And you know, even overcast skies are skies. Here’s a nice tree at Lafortune Park.

I took the kid back to college the other day. On the way back I took a small detour down Route 66 for some geocaches. I love Route 66. It’s part of my heritage from I was a kid and teenager in Arizona and New Mexico. I looked for five caches and found five!! So time to call it good.

I found a cache at this funky cemetery in Bristow, Oklahoma. It had this odd tower. Steps leading up to an office. Not a chapel. In fact more of store room. Below is a garage. I love funky stuff like this.

I have hundreds of photographs of this building in Tulsa. Boston Avenue Methodist Church. An art deco design and is just beautiful. We were members when we first moved to town and it is even more beautiful on the inside. It was built in the late 1920’s just in time for the depression. The members had to fight like crazy to keep it, otherwise somebody was going to convert it to a movie theater.

And back at home. Early in the morning with the sun peaking over the fence. We have a couple of yappy dogs and so I go out with them in the mornings to keep them from barking otherwise I have a new neighbor that comes barging over pounding on our door, enraged about the dogs barking. So I go out to hush them early in the morning. They love updating their BarkBook status with the other dogs in the neighborhood.

Is everybody staying safe? We are trying to but it is kind of difficult right now as the Governor has opened up the state and simultaneously ordered the state health department to hide the data from the citizens. That happened about three weeks ago. What I can piece together from the data that is available is that new cases which had been declining have plateaued and may be increasing. Who knows!! Anyway, we are vaccinated and are isolating.

Take care everybody!! I am linking with Skywatch Friday. Come join the fun.

18 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Up or Out

  1. klara

    one day, I hope, I’ll blame you ;-). for getting a drone. still haven’t checked the rules and legislation in Belgium to start the process.

  2. Alana

    Enjoyed your shots, especially the “chapel” (I also enjoy looking at cemetery buildings) and the art deco building. I haven’t gotten a drone yet – I would be so cautious with it myself. And if I didn’t take sky pictures in overcast, I would have no winter pictures whatsoever. Stay safe, Yogi! I’m fully vaccinated too but fortunate to live in a state that still has a mask mandate. Sadly, our governor has apparently been caught falsifying some statistics.

  3. Ellen

    Irv is always very careful with his drone also. So far he’s only crashed it once that required a service call to a drone repairman.

    Your moon shots are always impressive.

  4. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Greetings and Salutations! Impressive moon shot. We have had rain, gray skies, windy days and temperatures range from 40s to 60s. Bulbs are up and ready to bloom. Trees have buds. Grass is showing. Spring is here. Snow is all melted.

  5. Peter B.

    Is that old Route 66 in photo #5? Love that shot! Funny to think you could follow it west right out to my neck of the woods. Nice detail capture in your moon shot.

  6. Vicki

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful, my favorite one is the moon.

    People like your new neighbor should check to see if the houses beside them include dogs if they don’t want to hear them barking. Dogs deserve a place to live too and they were there first! Some people are so “it’s all about me” grrrrr.

  7. Linda W.

    Great photos! Justice calls for people like your governor to be held responsible for the deaths they cause. Manslaughter charges are appropriate.

    Our governor is a doctor so he has taken the virus seriously. Of course, there are people who are angry about that, but they were already angry because he wants to ban their assault weapons.

  8. Angie

    Alan – the moon shot is spectacular – its “imperfection” is its beauty! And the pavement of Route 66 is equally mesmerizing. We are also in a state in which the governor has lifted the mask mandate. So far, we have not seen a dramatic uptick in cases. We hope to get vaccinated in the next month. Stay well, my friend!

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