Shadow Shot Sunday – Downtown Owasso, Oklahoma

I was in the Tulsa suburb of Owasso last week. They have revamped their downtown area in the last several years and I was checking it out.

So this is my first ever shadow view, as far as I can remember (the only thing I can remember these days is that I have a bad memory.) It’s next to their history museum.

They have a big outdoor event space as well with some interesting shadows.

I like how the shadows interacted with the brick in this shot.

And a run of the mill bench shadow but you know I am easily amused.

Electric Meters

I am a fan of back alleys so I tucked down one and found this set of electric meters. The engineer in me loves stuff like this that is designed and is so cool, functional, and geometric. Just wait a few years and somebody will mess it up, happens every time. Entropy. I kind of like the rust colored paint job as well. It’s almost red.

Painted in Waterlogue

And a waterogue app rendition of our back patio when it was raining earlier this month. I love the blue cushions. I may have posted this photo previously. Maybe not.

I am linking with Magical Mystery Teacher’s Shadow Shot Sunday and Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday Too. Come join in!!

4 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday – Downtown Owasso, Oklahoma

  1. Lisa

    I love windmills! Well, not so much the new ones on hillsides to generate power, although they do serve a valuable function.
    I like the brick shot too.
    Oh, you engineers! My daughter’s friend is an engineer and when he adopted a dog named Graham, he changed it to Gram. Said as an engineer he couldn’t accept the unnecessary letters! He pronounced it “gram” anyway, being Texan.

  2. Vicki

    Great shadow shots! My favorite is the benches! That’s a funny story about the dog’s name. I think some words have letters that are unnecessary, and some words have letters that have been left out. And don’t get me started on words that are pronounced the same but are spelled different and have different meanings! I think I just gave myself a headache.

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