Three Ringed Circus

We took our dog pack for a walk tonight including our new puppy, “Rascal.”

It’s a three ringed circus.

Speaking of, Oklahoma’s hot housewives, The Real Housewives of Oklahoma, have a new topic on their Monday meme. I know its a Monday meme but I’m doing it on Tuesday because, well, because I’m special that’s why. Here is the question of the week.

Think about the day you met your spouse. Since then and due to their influence, what is the one thing that has changed about you that you never expected to happen?

I’m going to violate the rules some more. Sweetie has changed in my in a bunch of ways. Some of these are illustrated in the YouTube clip believe it or not.

First, notice the color of my clothes? I was a man of beige and browns before we got married. I thought it was cool. I wouldn’t be caught dead in color unless it was camo. Now, I’ve got all the colors of the rainbow, hardly any brown tones at all. In fact, this is no lie, Sweetie will slap me if I’m lying: I have about three times as many clothes as she does.  We have two closets just for me. And I wear them all also. Yep, I rotate through all of them.

Second, notice the shorts. I didn’t wear shorts as a kid. We grew up in small towns in the west. I wasn’t a cowboy but I grew up in amongst them. Nobody in them towns wore shorts except effete tourist kids and doctor’s children who we looked upon with combined pity and disgust. Mom tried to get my brother and I to wear “bermuda shorts” one summer. She had to give up, we wouldn’t go outside the house. We would rather have worn our underwear outside than to be considered a doctor’s kid and be considered with polite pity, and sneering disgust. So I didn’t wear them as an adult either. The fact I had the whitest legs in the world didn’t help. Sweetie got me to wearing shorts. Now I wear them all the time. Sometimes even in the winter.

Third, the dogs. I always liked dogs and cats but you know, they were just dogs and cats. Sweetie and her family love animals and shower them with love and affection. I’ve learned to do so myself. I don’t really “get” people who don’t like animals.

Fourth, notice the big ole pot belly? Sweetie can cook! I’ve really learned fine dining since Sweetie and I got hitched. She can cook anything which is great because I’ll eat almost anything.

I could go on and on. Sweetie is wonderful. What can I say?


You want to participate in this? Follow the link to their page and check it out.

11 thoughts on “Three Ringed Circus

  1. Tulsa Gentleman

    Clearly you are married to your sweetheart, and a lucky guy. I’m guessing that she is lucky too.

    Your new dog must be the little black one doing cartwheels on the twisted leash. Quite a contrast to the other two plodding along in tandem.

  2. Sylvia K

    What a fun post! I think you’re both very fortunate and I’m very happy for you and your family. It’s great when you can recognize and accept the blessings in your life. Love your dogs, too! Enjoy your day!


  3. Oklahoma Granny

    Don’t you just love that tandem leash? I really like ours. My husband doesn’t for some reason. I guess he just likes getting all tangled up when our 3 all take off in different directions.

    You’ve got a fine wife for sure.

  4. Sharon's Mum Anne

    You old smoothie you – I’m guessing there’s something special you want Sweetie to cook for dinner tonight?

    All kidding on one side, it’s nice for a man to write his appreciation of his wife – just ensure Sweetie reads your praise and maybe she’ll buy you another pair of bermuda shorts for Christmas.

  5. Dawn

    Hahahahaha!! Loved everything about this post.

    Yogi, you’re just a good ol’ guy!

    Thanks for playing along this week with the RHOK! =)

  6. Ann

    The man I married didn’t like me with too much make up on. So I stopped wearing eye make up when he asked me, why yopu make your eyes so black.

    Imagine I gave up so much for him. LOL

  7. Janie

    Taking all 3 dogs for a walk looks like a major challenge!
    Sounds like Sweetie has changed you in lots of good ways. Your love for her shows through whenever you post about her.

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