Shadow Shot Sunday – Hot Daze of Summer

It’s hot in Tulsa these days. I still get outside though but not for as long as usual nor for anything intense. The above photo is from an App “Nomo” that has a bunch of different analog cameras modeled on it. I used one that made long skinny photos. You’ll have to click on the photo to see the full effect. I know, I could of straightened out but I didn’t want to for artistic reasons which is what us hackers say when we are too lazy.

Window and Blinds

I used it inside as well. I think it might be just the thing for long skinny windows.

Softball Field

I took a walk around Tulsa’s Lafortune Park the other day during the heat of the day. Don’t worry it’s only three miles and I took water. I decided to use the Hipstamatic App. It’s my favorite app but not everybody likes it. In fact my hipstamatic photos are my lowest performing photos on Instagram. So I kind of do them for me. I love the look of them. I have the settings for the “film” and the “lens” set on randomize so I never know what I am going to get.


Here’s a nice bench at Lafortune, out of the shade!!!


I call this “socially distanced shade.” The light leak is one of the effects of Hispatamatic app. I thought it kind of added to the overall sense of heat.

Eye in the Sky

The Sheriff’s Department had this set up at the park. It looks slightly ominous.

Mother Goose and Friends

And I found Mother Goose, Peter Rabbit, and I think Alice at the Park tucked behind the public library.

Kirklands Table and Chairs

Out of the park and at Kirklands. With the A/C on and my app still running. I loved how compact and full of geometry this table and chair set is. You could have a real up close and personal meal with somebody.

Gilcrease Sun Dial
Sundial at the Gilcrease

And then at Gilcrease Museum here in Tulsa. They had a small but powerful exhibit called “Enslavement to Emancipation: Toward a More Perfect Union.” It consisted of just three pieces of paper. The first one was a letter written in 1520 from Diego Columbus, son of Christopher Columbus, to King Charles V, of Spain asking for permission to take people from Africa and use them as slaves in the New World. The second was a certified signed copy of the Declaration of Independence for the United States. That was an amazing thing to see with Thomas Jefferson’s signature on paper that was very fragile. Third was a certified copy of the Emancipation Proclamation. The Gilcrease is amazing like that. They have a huge number of documents in their collection. Click the link for photos and more information.

So that’s it for my shadows, and bonus information.

I’m linking with Shadow Shot Sunday2. Come check it out, post some of your photos.

10 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday – Hot Daze of Summer

  1. Amy Franks

    I’m betting the mother goose statues are popular with children. I don’t do well with Summer myself, I just find the heat too much to bear, thank goodness for air conditioning.

  2. Jim

    Wow, Alan!! You camera will be a plaything for many weeks, you are doing a good job with it. I have a pocket Sony but most times I use my old Galaxy 8 smart phone camera. It’s easier to crop and level with as I write with it also.
    My favorite will be the first, not for it’s beauty but for the Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma memories. We’ve bought gasoline and Blue Bell ice cream there.
    I like the Nursery Rhyme guys too. My son lived in Tulsa for a few years for Phillips and it is a nice town to visit.

  3. Nancy Chan

    Love your shadow shots. Hot weather makes me lazy. I like your window shot, I enjoy peering through the blinds. Mother goose needs a hat too. Happy weekend.

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