4th of July Shadow Shots and Flags

Backyard Shadows with my Hipstamatic App. I got sprocket holes now.

The photographer (more like picture taker really) caught in the act.

Early Morning Branching Out Shadows

Flag Day

Our house flag out front.

2019 Tulsa Run 5K

A giant sized flag for a race.

A small faded flag in a restored prairie schoolhouse in Flandreau, South Dakota.

Happy Independence Day folks. Stay safe.

I’m linking with Shadow Shot Sunday 2. Come check it out.

4 thoughts on “4th of July Shadow Shots and Flags

  1. Jim

    A pretty back yard, I’m thinking your Louisiana irises might be purple. Ours are, for a couple of spring weeks they are sooo very pretty. One of our sons was in Tulsa for several years in the late 70’s working with Phillip’s, we would visit him a few times a year. He had a house up on a ridge with a ravine in his back yard. We think it is a pretty town.

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