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Memorial Day 2022

Memorial Day this year is Monday, May 30th.

Floral Haven Cemetery, Broken Arrow, OK

It’s a day to honor those who died while defending our country.

Floral Haven displays every Memorial weekend thousands of casket flags donated by family members .

Many people also use the day to honor family members who have passed on.

4th of July Shadow Shots and Flags

Backyard Shadows with my Hipstamatic App. I got sprocket holes now.

The photographer (more like picture taker really) caught in the act.

Early Morning Branching Out Shadows

Flag Day

Our house flag out front.

2019 Tulsa Run 5K

A giant sized flag for a race.

A small faded flag in a restored prairie schoolhouse in Flandreau, South Dakota.

Happy Independence Day folks. Stay safe.

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Skywatch Friday – The Super Moon Lunar Eclipse


An almost full moon. I took the photo on Tuesday night so this is actually waxing gibbous at 98%. But hey, it is full enough for me.

Lunar Eclipse (1 of 1)

Then this is the following morning. I got up and went out to get the paper at about 5:30 am and I had to run back in and get my camera and then I had to go across the street and stand in my neighbors yard to get away from the trees. Yes, that is part of the eclipse I didn’t hold my finger in front of the lens to fake it.

Lunar Eclipse (3 of 1)

And this is Wednesday night’s moon. Yes, I used a Topaz filter on it to jack it up a little. Jacking up is a technical term here in Oklahoma. Do you jack things up where you live?

Lunar Eclipse (2 of 1)

And this is my favorite Wednesday night moon. Yes, another Topaz filter. I love messing with photos.


I’m taking a photography class and one of our assignments to get a photo of a flag in manual mode. Being the apple polisher that I am I got a bunch of flags flying in a good stiff Oklahoma breeze.

What about you? What have you been looking at?

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