Skywatch Friday – Bike Ride at Oxley Nature Center and Mowhawk Park

Monday I loaded my bike up and headed to Oxley Nature Center and Mohawk Park which are located adjacent to each other in north Tulsa.

The Zoo is there also and it was a zoo both inside and outside the cages. Everybody in town was there. Hardly anybody was out on the roads and paved trails of Oxley and Mohawk.

Handmade Cloth Marigolds

I saw some of the installations for the The American Dream that I missed on my last outing here while hiking with Logan. The American Dream is part of the Greenwood Art Project that was held in conjunction of the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Here is my post on my last visit. Check out the The American Dream site for more information on it.

This tent is part of the installation. It symbolizes the tents that the massacre survivors lived in after the homes were burned. Reportedly some of the survivors escaped the massacre by going to what is now Oxley.

The inside walls are covered with photographs from the Massacre. Most of the installations for this project at Oxley were vandalized just a few weeks ago. It’s unknown who did it.

But I was back on the quiet trails of Oxley. I saw four deer, a small green snake, and lots of birds and butterflies.

Here’s a track of my wibble wobbly route.

Back at home, I am still launching my drone from my backyard when the skies look interesting.

I caught a rain shower to the north on midafternoon.

Other things going on. Wife, Heather taught a cardio drumming class at our gym. It was a “pop-up” class. Everybody had a good time.

First Light on Backyard Flowers

The flowers are still growing. Here is a shot from early Wednesday morning catching the first light.

The grass is still growing. I turned on my Garmin GPS Sport Watch while mowing the yard so it tracked my movements. Our lot is about 1/6th of an acre, so very small and I walked about two miles. The grass was long and I cross hatched it so you can see that in the front yard (lower part of map). It also looks like I ventured into both of my neighbors houses. (I deny everything!)


I usually shoot full moons but we didn’t have one this week so here is a 1/8th moon. Sometimes we just have to go with what we are given!!

That’s about it for this week. I hope you are doing well and staying safe.

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18 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Bike Ride at Oxley Nature Center and Mowhawk Park

  1. Peter B.

    Ha ha, I think you missed a spot!! I’ve never heard of cardio drumming. That sounds like fun! Very sad about the exhibit being vandalized.

  2. Nancy Chan

    So sad that the project was vandalized. How nice if I have a drone to take nice images for me. Beautiful flowers capture in the first light. Great moon shot. Happy weekend.

  3. klara

    I am still looking at and laughing at your tracks on GPS map. as a “title” says ‘STRAVA’ – which means ‘horror’ in Croatian.

  4. Alana

    Oh my, what you can do with software nowadays. Relive a bike ride, complete with music and slides (OK, old fashioned term) of what you saw? That was so (outdated slang) cool. But not cool was the vandalism. of an installation designed to educate and commemorate. Disgusting.

  5. Lisa

    Nice skies with the drone. I like the cloudy shot best. I’m not sure how I feel about draping trees with “art” in a nature area, no matter how important it is to never forget the massacre! I can’t imagine what sort of person would vandalize the installation. No, I can imagine what sort of people… That looks like a perfect spot for a leisurely walk.

  6. MaryBeth Schwartz

    Wow what a cool video. My daughter has something similar so they can map where their ride their horses specially when moving cattle.
    I love what you said about the moon show—yes we do have to go with what we are given. Hence my post today.

  7. Pat

    You have access to some very nice parks to bicycle in, Yogi! Heather looks very happy conducting her exercise class.

    I’m sad about the vandalism. That happens everywhere these days. People seem to think it is OK to destroy things they don’t agree with, tor that mischief is “fun”

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