Skywatch Friday – August, Osage County

July, Osage County, Oklahoma

I actually took this photo in July, not August, but I loved the Play and the Movie. I have figured out where the exterior shots for the movie were filmed and I am going to visit the house one of these days. Not going to buy it though. Five bedrooms and one bathroom.

Went riding my bike on the RiverParks on Wednesday. I’ve always loved this group of cottonwood trees. One of them formed a rainbow over the trail and it finally broke off and the RiverParks Authority had to remove it. You can see the stump on the lower right hand corner of the photo above.

And a photo from Turkey Mountain from one of my recent outings.

I hope everybody is doing well. Covid in Oklahoma is skyrocketing so our family is back to avoiding people and wearing masks in stores and other inside places.

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21 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – August, Osage County

  1. tomthebackroadstraveller

    …the first image is quite a sky! But Skywatch Friday – A Bridge to Fall Edition, aren’t we rushing things a bit?

  2. Emille (Jesh)

    Wow that sky! It reminds me on a style of painting where light was the main focus – beautiful! I used to like bridges, but Texas has too many – had to get used to it last year that the free ways are in the middle and on each side there is a one-way “normal”road , so one had to go underneath the freeway or the bridge on top to get to the other side of the normal road. Too confusing! Emille (Jesh)

  3. Nancy Chan

    Stunning sky in the first photo. Beautiful cottonwood trees. I like the way the branches branch out. The covid cases here is also skyrocketing even as more people are getting vaccinated. Cases seem to be everywhere and we are also confining ourselves in our home. Have a happy weekend. Take care and stay safe.

  4. Alana

    The clouds in the first picture were stunning. Our COVID rates are going up, too. Concerned about the coming months, when we move indoors here in the Northeast.

  5. Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

    Pretty scenes!
    It is sad that Covid is increasing again. From what I hear, even vaccinated people are getting sick.
    We have enjoyed a bit of freedom, but have started wearing masks and being more cautious again.
    Have a blessed day!

  6. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Greetings and Salutations! Never would I purchase a house with one bathroom again. A perfect world would be a bathroom for each bedroom so the person in there has their own space and time without interruptions. But, having 5 bedrooms and one bath does teach a person patience. LOL!
    I love your description of the cottonwood trees being a rainbow. Too bad a branch had to break off. Time does change things for sure.
    I wrote down the name of the movie. John and I haven’t seen it. Who doesn’t like Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep. Amazing cloud scene!
    Thanks for being the host. Have a nice week end.

  7. Peppylady(Dora)

    We have some cotton woods, down in gully. I once some shop done furniture made with cotton wood. Actual it was pretty cool. One could see different colors weaved in grain.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  8. Angie

    Alan – loved the movie, and your photo suits the mood perfectly. We are also wearing masks again indoors due to high transmission rates in our county. Sigh.

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