Entertaining One’s Ownself

My wife and I went to Tulsa’s swanky Utica Square shopping center the other day. She really likes the Athleta store there. As an exercise instructor she lives in workout gear and Athleta’s stuff is great. So while she was shopping for her Christmas gifts from me to her I took my phone out and did some exploring.

I found this cool clock. Who uses a clock to tell time any more? We all have phones and stare at them all day long.

Found this sculpture of a little girl reading. I love to see young people reading. I volunteer with Reading Partners and tutor a girl in reading for an hour a week. She’s really a hard worker and stays engaged the whole hour. Unlike some of my generation, I see lots of hope in the future generations. If you are interested check the link see if they have a program in your area.

Right across the street from Utica Square is the Temple Israel Synagogue. I have long loved their bas relief of the Ten Commandments. I shot the photo from the shopping center’s parking garage to get a little elevation.

I also love their 3D Menorah. For the longest time I thought it was just a cool modern sculpture. Well duh, it’s a Menorah I found out on their web site.

Also across the street from the center is this cool office building. I love it’s design including the arches on the ground floor and all the balconies. It looks like it belongs on a coast somewhere.

Found this dolled up wooden sculpture next to a day spa.

So that’s it for the shopping center. You get the picture. I went drone flying earlier.


So here’s a sunset from 40 meters over my back yard. Somebody in one of my drone groups on facebook said that they were tired of sunset photos. Suck it up buddy, here’s another one is my response.

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19 thoughts on “Entertaining One’s Ownself

  1. Barb

    I’ll never get tired of your sunset photos. Now that they’re clearcutting the National Forest behind us, I might be in the market for a drone. If I decide I “need” one, I’ll ask your advise. Bob would much rather take a walk than enter a shopping center…ever!

  2. Pat

    I like that you encourage the Mrs to pick out your Christmas gifts for her! 😉

    This looks like a nice walk around the shopping center with some interesting sights to see. There is a mall in Colorado that always fascinates me when I visit it as it is decorated in a woodsy/nature way.

  3. Emille (Jesh)

    The clock is a great icon! Love the menorah too. The statue is in my opinion too real – no imagination there. The sunset is stunning, Allan! Thanks for hosting -especially during the holidays!

  4. Peter B.

    So wait a second…. you get to go out and take pictures while your wife shops for gifts for you to give to her? That’s brilliant! You are indeed a lucky man.

  5. Amy Franks

    i enjoy seeing all that you have here, keep the photos and posts coming, I’ve never been inside a synagogue though despite having Jewish ancestry.

  6. Gaelyn

    Many young people can’t read a clock with hands. I love that you read with kids. That temple is outstanding. I prefer your looks at the outside of a shopping center.

  7. Angie

    Alan – looks like you invested your time well, all while waiting for your lovely spouse!

    Sorry I have not commented much lately, but I am back now!

  8. Nancy Chan

    It is more interesting to go exploring than in the shopping mall. I like the old clock. The young generation only knows the digital clock. Beautiful sculptures of girl reading, 10 commandments, menorah and the dolled up sculpture too. Great sunset. Happy weekend.

  9. Penelope Notes

    My goodness … such an interesting amount of wonder near a shopping mall. The little girl reading is precious and how amazing you help youngsters read which is exactly what I needed as a child. Haha … looks like you had more fun than the shoppers. Never thought of it but, yes, clocks are going to become museum pieces before too long. Wow!

  10. Vicki

    Love the clock, there are only a few of them where I live, that I know of.
    There is a statue like that of the girl reading in a nearby mall. I’ve always liked it.
    I love the bas relief of the Ten Commandments, as well as the Menorah!
    Nice looking building.
    Cool wooden lady.
    Beautiful drone shot! Didn’t know you could get tired of sunset (or sunrise) photos!

  11. DrillerAA

    Utica Square was Tulsa’s first shopping center and in the beginning it had the same stores as any other shopping center might have. By the early 60’s the owners had found the exclusive tenants like Miss Jackson’s, Renberg’s and a high end grocery store that delivered to the local residents. Utica Square became the most exclusive outdoor center in Tulsa and probably Oklahoma. Looks like it may be under going another transition period as the next generation of merchants come on board. Love the sculptures.

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