College Graduation Time for Logan

Our son, Logan graduated from college last Friday. Heather and I drove down to Chickasha and found him chillaxing with a frappucino in one of the lounges.

He got cleaned up and ready for the ceremony. It was actually a banquet for the December graduates but they had caps and gowns and got awarded their diploma covers. It was kind of funny because they had a disclaimer that just because you went through the ceremony doesn’t necessarily mean that you met the requirements for graduation. You see Friday was the last day of classes also so if one celebrated too early you may not get anything to put in your diploma folder.

Here is Logan with Sean, the program director who oversaw the students who had autism. The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma is the only place in the state with a program for people on the spectrum where they can get a fully accredited degree instead of a certificate. More programs are coming but right now USAO is the only degree program in the state. If you are interested, it is called the Neil-Wint Center for Neurodiversity. Click the link for more info. One takes regular classes and does all the work that other students do.

Here is Logan with his sweet fellow student Erin. My heart goes out to these graduates. Talk about being through the wringer with Covid and a pivot to online classes and putting up with protocols and all that. The world is changing.

Here is a video taken by Seann of Logan getting called up to get his degree. One of the benefits of a small college. The academic advisors for each student introduced the student individually. I love it. When I graduated from the University of New Mexico way back when all several thousand of us got a wave of the hand. Here, Logan’s advisor, came and sat down with us during the dinner.

And here is Mom and Dad with Logan. Yes, I know my hair is a fright!! I am getting it cut this coming Friday.

And another pic of the graduate.

The next morning, the party is over. Clean out his dorm room and check out. Our SUV was cram full!!

And a final photo with Heather and Logan.

What’s next? He is applying for jobs in the Tulsa area. He is a great writer and a hard worker.

9 thoughts on “College Graduation Time for Logan

  1. Vicki

    Congratulations to Logan! A program like that should be available to everyone on the spectrum!

    The picture of Logan and Heather is how my twin brother and I look side by side! How tall is Logan?

  2. Amy Franks

    Wow that is awesome well done to him, people with autism/aspergers are some of the most intelligent people in our world, they just learn differently and express differently from everyone else.

  3. Margy

    That looks like a wonderful ceremony. Reminds me of the hooding ceremony for my doctorate. I got that at a small university. I got my bachelors and masters from a huge state university in California and never went through the ceremonies. What a great accomplishment for you son and I’m glad you got to see the festival of lights while you were there. – Margy

  4. DeniseinVA

    Congratulations Logan and to his very proud Mom and Dad! Does the heart good to know that there are universities with such programs. Kudos to them too! Great post, great photos and way to go Logan!

  5. sallie rainville

    Super congratulations to Logan! A real achievement. A great program and no wonder Logan *and* his advisor look so proud. And those parents as well! Good on all of you. (And holy moses I have been reading your blog for a log of years, because I remember …..

  6. Barb

    I love seeing Logan’s graduation photos. I hope he has luck finding a job. It seems like just yesterday he was Super Pizza Boy!

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