The Chickasha Festival of Light

After our son graduated last Friday we decided to go see Chickasha’s Festival of Light at a local park. We have been hearing about it for years so this was our chance.


It was fun. Lots of lights and stuff to do. The vibe was mellow. We loved it.


Our favorite lights was this Santa skiiing behind a reindeer driven motorboat.

The had a cool bridge covered with lights going over the pond.

It was a great place to take photos.

There was another area covered with colored lights, another fun photo op.

Yep I know, I need a haircut. Coming up this Friday.


In downtown Chickasha, not part of the Festival is this crate. It has a 40 foot tall leg lamp like the one in the movie Christmas Story. It is a tethered inflatable balloon and it was grounded Friday night because of high winds. We were disappointed. I found this youtube video that shows it.

We had a good time in Chickasha. Logan has graduated and I doubt we will ever be back. Oh well.

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11 thoughts on “The Chickasha Festival of Light

  1. Carol

    Congratulations to you son – beautiful photos of the light show – I find lights hard to photograph – you’ve got me beat! Hope your holiday season continues to be wonderful.

  2. Valerie

    The lights over the bridge are pretty spectacular and imaginative creations abound it seems. Wishing you and yours a safe, healthy and blessed Christmas, Alan. I continue to enjoy your contributions to OWT.

  3. Penelope Notes

    Haha … that infamous leg lamp sure gets around. A Christmas Story is one of my favorite all time seasonal movies. Let me extend my congratulations to your son on graduating. Now life begins anew!

  4. sallie rainville

    Such a pretty way to get into the Christmas spirit. We’ve been through some sorta’ like that but they were drive thru only (and this was way before Covid). It was always really fun to look at but we never would have been able to take pictures of ourselves there (no great loss to the world however).

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