Tulsa Ironman Triathlon – 2022

Last Sunday afternoon I spent six hours helping out with a local Triathlon, the Ironman Tulsa. The racers swam over two miles in open water on a lake, over a hundred miles on a bicycle, and then finished up with a 26 mile run. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

The organizers had a bunch of aid stations all along the length of the course. I was at an aid station on the marathon run segment. The racers ran two loops on the Tulsa Riverparks Trail System so I saw everybody potentially four times.

I handed out gatorade. Gatorade is not too popular with athletes. It’s just colored sugar water. So I didn’t have a whole lot of takers. Water was the most popular drink. Pepsi for some reason was popular. Cups of ice were very popular.

The most asked about beverage was chicken broth. It was brewed up in the late afternoon and the back of pack runners were going for it.

So it was interesting. You see a lot of very tired people. The people at the front of the race were pretty bouncy for just getting off a hundred mile bicycle ride.

Here is the lead man of the race.

And the lead woman. Both these are just cruising along like they are jogging around the block.

Anyway a great time was had by all!!

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21 thoughts on “Tulsa Ironman Triathlon – 2022

  1. Vicki

    It’s amazing how athletic some of us are! I’m not sure I would have been that “bouncy” when I was younger!

  2. Ellen M Polyard

    You’re a good guy to volunteer your time. I would have drown during the two mile swim and my race would have been over. It’s very impressive how the human body can do all that.

  3. Sallie

    Beautiful blue sky day for it! I would enjoy volunteering, but would never understand how or why people could do this.

  4. Peter B.

    Interesting about Gatorade. I didn’t realize it had much sugar. Also interesting about chicken broth. So cool that you donate your time like this!

  5. Nancy Chan

    Have to be super healthy with strong stamina to participate in this Ironman Triathlon. Great you were helping out at one of the aids stations. The hot and humid weather is enough to make me tired. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Penelope Notes

    The lead woman does look like it came easy to her but maybe it was due to years of healthy living. Honestly, folks like you who volunteer are the backbone of their communities.

  7. Amy Franks

    Been a long time since I’ve been in a running race, I’ve never heard of chicken broth being requested by runners but I could understand water or gatorade.

  8. Pat

    It was so good of you to volunteer at the Triathalon! I am always amazed by the strength and agility of the participants in these events. I was never a strong athlete when I was young, and now gardening brings me stiff knees and back…lol!

  9. Barb

    My son used to do Tri’s. Once when I ran a half marathon, they ran out of water at the aid stations. (I guess you can tell where I was in the pack.) But, hey – I finished!

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