Skywatch Friday – Fun in the Sun

We had a huge hot spell for a while and then lately it has been lots cooler and drier. I have to advantage of that.

One day I went to Turkey Mountain and hiked about three miles. My knee that has been bothering me was not a problem. That made me happy.

I moseyed along on the new trails and some old trails. I love being retired. You got the woods to yourself most weekdays!

I found a good vantage point on the mountain to see the Arkansas River and south Tulsa on the other side. This truly is an Urban Wilderness.

One day Heather and I bicycled 15 miles on the RiverParks trails. Doesn’t sound like much but it was a nice time.

At the house, the crepe myrtles are loving the sun. I posted this image on instagram and while I was thinking crepe myrtles, I typed out azaleas. Nobody said a thing about it except my wife. You need wives like Heather keep you straight. In other news along that line, I had some books to return to the library and so I went there and tried to put them in the book return slot and they wouldn’t fit. You know why? Cuz I was at the post office, that’s why. Heather got a laugh out of that as well. And I’m saying the books would have eventually got back to the library.

And another sunny photo at my MIL’s swimming pool. The net is up because my skin is so white that it causes sun reflections that blind our nations surveillance satellites. Don’t buy that, how about this? The local ducks took to using the pool as their hangout spot. Turns out that ducks can foul pool water quickly.

So that’s about it for me. I hope that everybody (in the northern hemisphere) is enjoying their summer. You folks way down south, just hang in there it will be your turn to have summer in several months. You guys in the tropics. Just enjoy if you can.

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14 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Fun in the Sun

  1. tomthebackroadstraveller

    …it’s hotter than blazes here and mighty dry. Thanks for hosting and enjoy your 4th!

  2. Penelope Notes

    Oh the joy of retirement! Haha … remarkably I can relate to the post office/library mix up and although I don’t have a Heather to set me straight there is usually someone nearby thank goodness. :))

  3. Peter B.

    Glad your knee is doing better. I messed up my left knee, but it seems to be on the mend. My neighbor had ducks in her pool. The only remedy seemed to be buying a pool cover, and that took care of the ducks.

  4. Nancy Chan

    Beautiful view of the Arkansas River. I dare not laugh at your post office and library mix up because it could easily happen to me too. Lol! Nice to be able to enjoy the swimming pool. We have lots of sun here and once the sun is up, we stay away from the sun.

  5. klara

    poor you, suffering being retired :-))). ha, didn’t know (haven’t heard of) that ducks can be attracted to pools and cause problem.

  6. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    At a BBQ, I heard a funny but true story. This one woman asked her teenager to put the money in the drive thru, so he did without the tube! For a long time the drive thru section was CLOSED. I wonder why? LOL! We all have our moments for sure! You and Heather certainly have some gorgeous views on that 15 mile bike ride. Smart! You cured the duck problem in your pool. Thanks for being the host.

  7. Lisa

    Turkey Mountain looks like a great place to spend time. Oh, ducks are so dirty! Especially in man-made ponds. Sounds like your read some pretty thick books!

  8. Alana

    That is some network of hiking trails in an urban area – it’s wonderful. We don’t have a pool, but I have a feeling our local birds would be visiting it. I can so identify with the post office/library story. At least you aren’t trying to make phone calls on your TV remote – not yet, anyway!

  9. Gaelyn

    Turkey Mt is awesome, especially with all the new trails. I love your daily adventures, and that you are so happily retired. Wondered why you didn’t have a pool in your backyard, now I remember.

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