Nature, Red of Tooth and Claw


The other day our little pomeranian Rascal had been outside and wanted in, the only problem was that a baby bunny was hanging from his mouth. The little critter was already gone. Now Rascal was just doing what dogs do, right? Heather went out and found its sibling about six feet from the nest looking scared to death and helpless.

A quick consultation with my friend Mr. Google indicated that the best thing we could do was just leave it alone. We did although it was a hot day and all that, so monitored it through our bedroom window and it survived the rest of that day and to the next afternoon when it looked like it was rallying a little bit and seemed to be more energetic and active.


And of course we watched Rascal closely when we let him out side to do his thing. And I’m happy to report that the little bunny has made it to some cover and is being closely monitored by its mother so we are happy that our non-intervention plan worked. (so far at least).

In other news I am sad to report that I have come down with Covid. The symptoms I am having are like a really bad allergy attack. And since it is a holiday weekend I couldn’t a teleappointment until Wednesday which is the day, if I don’t have a fever, that the CDC says that I can end isolation. Kind of sucks being sick at the start of a holiday weekend but I think I’ll be fine. I just don’t want to be cooped up but that is just the way it is.

We just had the primary elections in Oklahoma and of course I voted. If you had elections I hope you did the same.

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10 thoughts on “Nature, Red of Tooth and Claw

  1. Nancy Chan

    Many of my friends have Covid and they all shared that they had it mild just like a mild flu. Most of them were tested negative by 3rd or 5th day but some had it until 7th day. All in all, thank God that it is a mild variant even though it is a fast spreader.

  2. Eileen

    I am sorry to hear you tested positive for Covid. I guess it is good your symptoms are not too bad.
    Love the sweet bunny, I hope it survives. Your dog Rascal is a sweetie too. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy 4th of July weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  3. somewhereinireland

    Sorry to hear that you are experiencing covid. The numbers are rising here too but we’ve been lucky not to get it. I hope the bunny gets to be stronger and survives.

  4. tomthebackroadstraveller

    …I voted and knock on wood I have gotten Covid, I live in my own little cave.

  5. John's Island

    Hi Alan, Interesting story about the little bunnies and I hope the survivor makes it to be a big bunny! 😊 Otherwise, sure sorry to hear about coming down with Covid. If your symptoms get worse you might want to consider going to an urgent care and asking for the medication Paxlovid. I’ve heard it can help prevent getting so sick that it might be necessary to go to the hospital. In any event, hope you get well soon. Hope you and yours have a Happy 4th of July.

  6. Ellen

    I think Rascal and Maisy could be best friends since they’re both baby bunny killers. It sucks that the second line turned red on your test. Hang in there, only a couple more days of isolation. I voted in our primary last week too. It’s all done via mail here in Colorado and if you’re a dem most of the candidates ran unopposed. We have the best governor!

  7. Barb

    Glad your little bunny seems to have regenerated and gotten back with Mama. Darn – I’m sorry your tested positive for Covid. I’m hearing that people who have gotten the vaccine and boosted are also getting sick. Fortunately none that I know are extremely ill. Feel better soon!

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