Skywatch Friday – Mountain Memories

I’ve been laid up lately so I haven’t been taking any skywatch photos. So what does any self respecting blogger do in such a case? Of course they go to the archives. So here are some photos from a family trip to Idaho and Wyoming back in 2012


This is the back end of a thunderstorm that went through swan valley. The whole sky opened up in a deluge that lasted maybe two or three minutes and then it was over. The deluge was still happening it was just moving toward Wyoming quickly.

We were stopped at a store at Rainey Creek, Idaho. They sell square ice cream in many different flavors, and ours is huckleberry. I strongly recommend it.


Later in the day, we got to the Grand Teton National Park. We went to Mormon Row home of the most photographed barns in the world. The Mouton barns.


They were some bison there munching away on the tasty grass.


We had gone there to visit my father. Here we are on Teton Pass that afternoon.

Anyway, thanks for letting me do the blast from the past. It brings back lots of great memories.

Come check out Skywatch Friday. Lots of talented bloggers post their best work there.

I got cleared by my doctor today to go out and about so next week I’ll have new photos. Gotta tell you that though that they are not going to be of the Tetons or of a mountain storm passing through.

17 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Mountain Memories

  1. Vicki

    What a beautiful dramatic sky! Love the photo of you, your dad, and Logan, it’s a treasure to keep and pass down!!

  2. tomthebackroadstraveller

    …I live off my archives. If you haven’t seen it or remember it, it’s new!

  3. Eileen

    Awesome sky capture. I love the views of Tetons, I have many great memories of our trip there.
    Ice cream is one of my favorite treats. Great photo of you, your Dad and son. I am glad you have recovered and are feeling better. Have a great day and a happy weekend ahead.

  4. Penelope Notes

    What a precious photo … the one with the three of you! Glad to know you have the “all clear” and are on the mend. Take care. Be well. 🙂

  5. Nancy Chan

    Great sky shot. We can always rely on the archives. Huckleberry flavour ice cream is new to me. A very nice photo of you, your dad and your son.

  6. Shiju Sugunan

    Huckleberry should be a Finne ice cream flavor LOL. Nice pictures. Glad your covid related isolation is over. Looking forward to your next outdoor adventure.

  7. Alana

    That’s what archives are for, and sometimes it’s good to blow the dust off of memories. Grand Teton certainly looks grand. Huckleberry ice cream must be yummy. Hope you continue to get better every day!

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