2022 National Arabian Horse Show


My sister and her husband were in town recently to visit and attend the National Arabian Horse Show here in Tulsa. She and he were heavily involved in youth horse judging community in Colorado Springs and attended the horse show regularly for several years.


Heather and I attended the final night of the show with them and the show was amazing. Beautiful Arabian horses being ridden by people that know what they are doing. They had several different classes or style of riding.


The horses are gorgeous, groomed beautifully. The riders are dressed very well also. They ride their horses around the ring in various trots, walks, canters and hand gallops all the while scrutinized by a team of judges.


The audience is raucous during the competition cheering their favorites on loudly during the competition and judging. They also cheered the winners loudly. Great sportsmanship, not a boo heard the entire evening.


The horses have a distinctive gait. I’m told that they have to be trained to do it as it doesn’t come naturally.


Hopefully we can attend next year. It had been 2013 and 2014 when we last made the show.

Links to the 2013 and 2014 shows

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  1. DrillerAA

    We have attended several horse shows in Tulsa. Friends of ours were heavily involved with Paliminos and Western Saddle riding. I loved the horses and the riders outfits. Thanks for sharing a great event.

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