Family Hike on the Mountain

Last week my sister, Ellen, and her husband, Irv, came down from Colorado to visit us.

While here we joined our brother Bob at his residence. Management was throwing an Oktoberfest, food, drink, desert, entertainment! We were all up for that.

Music was provided by a local accordion band. I didn’t even know that accordion bands were a thing. These folks were great. They all played together, you know, like they were a band! It was jam packed with residents and guests and I think everyone had a good time.


The next day I showed off Turkey Mountain. They were very polite. They live on some acreage where they have a front row seat to Pikes Peak at 14,114 feet. Turkey Mountain is 804 feet. They did not snicker, not even once!! Hey you know, we in Tulsa are proud of 804 foot tall hill. We can call it a mountain if we want.

Irv is a fellow geocacher and he found one on the moutain.

Ellen made friends with Sasquatch.

We went by Pepsi Lake. They didn’t ask why the ponds on the Turkey Mountain hill are called lakes. I don’t know!!


We ended up going about 4.5 miles or so. I was worn out.

We had a really good visit.

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22 thoughts on “Family Hike on the Mountain

  1. Penelope Notes

    Wonderful visit with family and a great chance to show off Turkey Mountain. The icing on the cake is the accordion band, which inspired me to investigate the sound of many accordions playing in unison online. What a joy! Music enhances any event.

  2. Ellen

    I loved Turkey Mountain, there’s a lot to be said about an 800 ft. mountain because you can actually climb it and breathe while you’re doing it. We had a great time visiting you guys, made me wish we lived closer.

  3. DeniseinVA

    Looks like a super time with your family and I think your Turkey Mountain is ideal – nature has a way of embedding itself in one’s soul whether it’s 800 feet or 8000, but I did smile at your humor. Visiting your brother and listening to the accordion band sounds like fun.

  4. Vicki

    Glad you got to spend some time with your family and your sister and brother in law! I’d like Turkey Mountain, I’d be able to climb it, well, maybe not all of it 🙂 and enjoy it. And mountains are beautiful to look at. I have a lot of family who live in mountain states.

  5. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    My husband and my sister played the accordion when they were youngsters. But neither was in an accordion band that I know of. Never heard of it but it would be “fun” to hear one. It was nice for your family to get together. FAMILY is BEST. Enjoyed this post a bunch!

  6. Nancy Chan

    Wonderful to get to spend time with family members. How nice to have an accordion band to grace the occasion. Looks like everyone enjoyed the hike on the mountain.

  7. Lena

    It’s so nice to do something with the family! Then when the weather is so great, it’s a perfect day!
    Beautiful reflections in the photo with the lake!
    Happy weekend

  8. Alana

    Years ago, when my son and her daughter were young, my cousin from New York City came to visit us in our small city. We took the kids to a local hands on science museum and they had a ball. I remarked to my cousin “compared to your museums this was tiny” and she responded “that’s exactly why we had a good time. In New York City places can be overwhelming; here they aren’t.” Maybe your sister and brother in law felt that way about Turkey Mountain. So happy your brother’s facility was able to have that event – that we are at that point. It was so missed.

  9. A ShutterBug Explores

    Wonderful family time and great photos ~ like your ‘little mountain’ ~ glad they did too ~ Xo
    PS ~ exciting you are getting a doggie ~ Wow~ Show pics, please.

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days ~
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

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