A Walk Along the River in Tulsa

The other day I went on a geocaching hunt on the Arkansas River. The hunt was fun but I really loved the walk even more.

It was very chilly, windy, and sunny. The sun was getting low and I loved the light on the trees and leaves against the clean blue sky.

It was magical.

So I took my time.

At one point I could look all the way down the river to downtown Tulsa.


A closeup.

Back to the sunlight and trees.

What a nice break in the afternoon! Tulsa has lots of nice winter days like this. Of course Winter is 35 days or so away.

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21 thoughts on “A Walk Along the River in Tulsa

  1. Candace Uhlmeyer

    I do wish McKinney had a river nearby! We’ve got a fake lake and a creek and a trail, but for anything more impressive we have to go north to the Red River, or into Dallas to even see the Trinity. I tend to associate Tulsa with scary weather, so it’s really nice to know that there isn’t always a thunderstorm going through! It’ll be interesting to see what winter’s like when it gets here. Thanks for the nice shots around town.

  2. Alana

    This was where I live about three weeks ago but, for us, winter has arrived (fortunately, not the snowstorm pounding parts of my state today). Autumn is magical, especially when the sun angle makes a sunny day into an hours long golden hour. I hope you enjoy lots more walks like this in the coming days.

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