Skywatch Friday – Lake Bixhoma

One of my favorite hiking spots close to Tulsa is Lake Bixhoma. The lake is a water supply lake for the city of Bixby and it has some very rugged land around it. I’ve never circumnavigated the lake because the trail is rugged and the upriver side of the is almost always under water.


The first bit of trail is actually paved. There is actually picnic grounds and restrooms and such but all that is abandoned now. I am thinking that part of the reason for the abandonment is rockfalls off the cliff. Here is recent fall.


Still the first part of the trail is walkable.


Here is some of the abandoned infrastructure.

After the picnic grounds the trail is no longer paved although still not too bad.


And then it got very technical. Too me technical means lots of rocks.


Got to the upper end of the lake. Can’t cross here!


So I followed the creek up and found a couple of possible crossing spots. If it hadn’t been so cold and if I hadn’t been alone and over a mile from the trailhead, then I could have done one of these, maybe. About here is where I saw my first snake for the year. Some sort of water snake that slipped into the water quickly as I approached. I don’t think it was anything I would worry about.


Here is the other crossing. Going further upstream was out of the question because it is private property. So I turned around and headed back.


I am always amazed at the stuff I see on trails. What in the world is the story behind this? I can only guess.

I hate out and back hikes so when I came to this fence corner and saw a trail going up the hill, off I went. I figured I knew where I would be going. Famous last words right.

I found this trail sign that I couldn’t read.


The trail got a little rough.


I found me some spectacular trees though. And I made it back to the car. My shortcut saved me about 0.2 miles I figured.

So kind of a short hike but I had a good time. When things dry out a little more, and get warmer, I’ll be back. I will probably try the other way around the lake.

The skies were mainly gray I know but I’m linking with Skywatch Friday.

24 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Lake Bixhoma

  1. Ellen

    Looks like a nice hike. That cliff wall is really something. It looks like you had the place to yourself. Yikes about the snake.

  2. tomthebackroadstraveller

    …I see that you are at the brown time of year, we are white! Thanks for hosting the party.

  3. Penelope Notes

    There is such a nice adventure feel to the writing of this post, with snakes, rocks on trail, dubious crossings and a sign that is unclear. It all makes for a good mystery. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Lisa

    Yeah, rockfalls tend to keep people away! I like the looks of the rocks where the trail gets rough, although I would think there may be rattlesnakes?

  5. Mascha

    Great trees and a little adventure! An area with a risk of falling rocks would be cordoned off in Germany and hiking would be prohibited… –
    Have a nice weekend

  6. Fun60

    Very much my kind of a walk. Frustrating though that you couldn’t get further round the lake. I like being out walking on my own but there are times when, like you, it’s time to turn back .

  7. Eileen

    Looks like a great hike, I would stay clear of the rock wall. Looks dangerous.
    I think it is still too cold here for the snakes to be out..
    Take care, have a happy weekend.

  8. Alana

    Rockfalls and snakes and tripping rocks – no lions, tigers or bears? I would have given up on that trail quickly! The mystery sign appears (to my very nearsided eyes) to read “Barmadello Pass” and I tried (unsuccessfully) to do a search on it. Ah, mysteries that will have to wait for another day.

  9. A ShutterBug Explores

    What a fascinating hike and great photos of nature ~ selfie isn’t bad either ~ Lol ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days ~
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Amy

    It’s really nice on your feet when there’s a nice tidy trail to walk on, I hope everyone looks after it and doesn’t drop their rubbish.

  11. DrillerAA

    I can certainly see where large falling rocks could ruin a picnic. That axle and drive shaft is an interesting find. Overall that is a much more rugged trail than I am up for these days, but you youngsters are full of energy. Great images as well.

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