Broken Arrow Chalk it Up! Art Festival 2023

The Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow had a Chalk Art Festival this past weekend so me and Heather went and checked it out. The formal name is “Chalk it Up 2023 Art Festival” Check out the link for the official website. They have the event every year.


I think they had thirty two or so entries and I picked out my top five for this post.


They had categories for students and adults.


For some reason I love chalk art. Part of the attraction is the transience of it. Once the festival is over, they take up the barricades and the traffic flows and it degrades quickly. So no, you cannot buy it, take it home, and then make your kids and grandkids wonder what to do with it when you are gone. Because the art is gone also.


There is always one. This person chalked her piece to face the other way from what all the other contestants did. Good for them is what I say!!


This is the piece that won. I love it. I loved it before I found out it won. Kind of a sense of awe and wonder.


This jellyfish is a favorite of mine also.


The festival had a lot more going on than the chalk art. Lots and lots of booths with people selling little homemade trinkets, sculptures, paintings, jewelry, etc. We are kind of in the downsizing right now so we are not in the market for more stuff. The event was well attended and people seemed to be enjoying themselves.


This is not chalk art but it is a mural I really love in downtown Broken Arrow.

IPA at Broken Arrow Brewery

This isn’t chalk art either. After the event my bride, Heather, and I ventured over to the nearby Broken Arrow Brewery and discussed the event over a nice IPA.

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  1. Ellen

    West Yellowstone had a chalk art display this summer and it was amazing. As an artist who takes months to finish a single painting, I’m in awe of these artists who complete a piece so quickly and with such detail.

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