Shadowy Lawnmower and Chris Isaak!!

On a recent trip to the Tulsa Botanic Garden they displayed a Lego Lawnmower in a Shadow!! It would be nice if it worked but it would probably shake itself into thousands of pieces.

Happy Easter to you and your family. Also, Lego Easter Bunnies!

Shadow Shot Sunday

AAAAnnnnndddd! As part of Music Moves Me, I bring you a Chris Isaak Song. Check out RamblinWithAM to check out other entries.

14 thoughts on “Shadowy Lawnmower and Chris Isaak!!

  1. Alana

    I am loving the pictures of the Lego animals you’ve had on your blog recently and I couldn’t imagine trying to use a Lego lawnmower, in the shadows or not. I enjoyed your shadow song, too. I’m not familiar with Chris Isaak but some of his singing reminded me of Gene Pitney, for some reason. You are more than welcome to join us at Music Moves Me whenever you wish. There’s no obligation! I should point out, also, that although I am a co host of Music Moves Me, the major work is done by bloggers Marie at Xmas Dolly and Cathy at Curious as a Cathy. Once again, welcome!

  2. CAAC


    This song is an introduction. I really enjoyed it a lot! I’m delighted you decided to join the 4M crew on the Monday’s Music Moves Me dance floor. Please feel free to join anytime. Have a boogietastic week!!

  3. Amy

    I’m amazed at what people make from Lego. When I was growing up we had a big box of Lego but it wasn’t anything like what we have today, just mostly blocks, roof tiles, wheels, trees and people. Can’t see your music video sorry.

  4. Comedy Plus

    I love Lego’s. Beautiful work.

    Great video. i don’t think I’ve heard it before.

    Have a fabulous day and week filled with beautiful music. ♥

  5. Birgit

    Love Chris Isaak! I should buy another CD of his. These Lego pieces are amazing. All I could ever create were square homes

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