To Space and then Back to Earth

Earlier this week I headed out to the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow to find a specialized geocache. It was a space based Adventure Lab Cache. No container to find, just information you need to look up. It was at the Voyage Solar System Walkway. A collection of displays set up along a street showing the relative sizes and distances of the planets to the sun.

Here is the sun, looks like an overgrown basketball.

Just a few feet away is Earth. Barely bigger than a pin prick and its even smaller moon.

And 2000 feet down the street, all by itself, is Pluto. Stripped of planet status recently but still proud.

And I got a virtual postcard proving that I found it. If only virtual anything proves anything. The installation starts at an elementary school which I think is great.

And I went hiking recently on Turkey Mountain. This flyover are still scary to me. They are not for hikers, they are for bicyclists. They really do fly over them. I think all that steel would hurt if you fell off your bike.

My sister and her husband came to town. We had a fun time. One day we went Woolaroc, wildlife preserve and art museum started by Oklahoma oilman Frank Phillips who started Phillips 66 Petroleum way back when. We saw some bison and other critters. My sister is a former Park Ranger at Yellowstone so it is kind of hard to impress her.

The liked the art a lot. Lots of western artists works are hanging at Woolaroc.

I love this stained glass window.

We went to the nearby town of Bartlesville to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s Price Tower. Built for a pipeline construction company, H.C. Price who did a lot of work for Phillips 66.

BIL Irv got his photo with a big 66.

Sister Ellen did as well.

I did several years ago when I turned 66 years old.


And a few years before that I got my brother Bob’s photo on his 66th birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, I had one early this month. You can tell I am getting kind of old. I just started my 70th year.

As a treat Heather and Logan took me to see the the Van Gogh Immersion exhibit here in Tulsa. It was very cool.

And I got a cornhole game. Stop by if you are in town we’ll have some beverages and play a few games.


And I end with yet another Lego animal from the Tulsa Botanic Garden.

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18 thoughts on “To Space and then Back to Earth

  1. Carol

    Happy Belated Birthday! I had a birthday too at the beginning of the month, but I’m older than you. I’m envious of your seeing the Van Gogh exhibit – I’d love to see it. Nice collection today. Have a great weekend.

  2. Sallie

    Thanks for taking us along on the fun tour for visitors! And Happy Belated BD! (Nobody younger than I am should be allowed to say they’re getting old though. And so that covers pretty much everybody else in the world definitely including you!)) Wanted to add thanks for hosting SWF too as well as for the pictures and words you include on that site each week. Loved the sunrise this week — I am often awake for it, but certainly not ready to go anywhere except to our porch (we live in a trailer park here oops, I meant an RV resort, so it would probably actually be OK to go further than that in my pajamas.

  3. Photo Cache

    A few years ago I also went to the Van Gogh Immersion as my birthday gift from the husband. Happy belated birthday. Good health and more candles to blow!

  4. Masha

    Great photostory and: Happy belated Birthday 🙂
    We have a “Planet walk” too, begins nearby a school…and the painting looks familiar to me. The stained glass is fantastic!
    Have a nice weekend

  5. Eileen

    Happy belated birthday! The is a scary jump, I am lucky if I can ride a bike on flat ground. I’d rather walk.
    The Van Gogh exhibit is nice! Enjoy your photos and walk. Have a great day and a happy weekend!

  6. Alana

    Happy belated birthday, Yogi! You brought back memories of the years I lived close to Oklahoma and I remember those town names although I had never visited any of the sites you mentioned. I wonder how many places have planet walks. Ithaca, New York (once home to Carl Sagan) had one for years. We got one a couple of years ago. But neither give out virtual postcards. That was so cool! Alana ramblinwitham

  7. Ellen

    I was very impressed with Woolaroc! The bison and other critters were great, but the museum was outstanding. It’s a hidden gem in NE Oklahoma. I think it’s fantastic that it’s open to the public.

  8. A ShutterBug Explores

    You find the most intriguing places from Space and back to Earth ~ great series of photos
    llike the wild life (the critters ~lol)

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

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