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Somebody Had a Birthday

I had a birthday recently. I turned 67. Somehow I still don’t feel old. I feel bad though, but too bad. When I got out of college and went to work in the oilfields I saw all these really old elderly guys and gals in the mid-30’s thinking boy they are burnt out. Now people that age seem like little puppies. All full of vim and vigor.

I guess I’ll have to end my “Being 66 on Route 66” schtick that I have been playing this past year. I don’t even know if there is Route 67. I like prime numbers and 67 is a dandy prime number.

Heather and Logan made the day great for me. I had banners.

And balloons.

And some cool sandals with a Jerry Garcia design on them. This my seventh pair of the same type sandals. Only one other has a Jerry Garcia design though. Just call me the Ferdinand Marcos of Oklahoma.

They took me to breakfast at a chic upscale place. The stuff on the plate is avocado toast. Most places that I have that I am still hungry. Not this place. We went to a movie afterward.


We also went to the Tulsa Botanic Garden and saw thousands of tulips.

Logan went to work and Heather took me to dinner.

Next day, not an official birthday event, I got a pedicure thanks to the generosity of Nana, the world’s greatest mother-in-law.

So hey, I had a great day. I recommend Happy Birthdays to everyone.

I’m a blessed man.

Somebody’s Having a Birthday


This sign got added to the yard last night.

It’s for this guy, who is now a college man.


But we remember him napping with Pooh Bear on the beach.


And riding Ranger the stick horse all over the house.

He’s a great son who we are proud of.


And here he is with his Grandmother, Nana.


And hanging out in the flower gardens with his mom.


He loves hanging out with his Mom in quiet times.


And more exciting times.

Happy Birthday Logan, we are proud of you and love you very much.

An addendum,

The Birthday Boy

I think he loved the yard sign. Heather hired an outfit to do it. It’s like a super-duper birthday card.

Used the drone to get a little altitude plus it is its own tripod.

A little bit higher angle. Tried to use the tripod with my Nikon but it would have to be in the middle of the street.

We loved the sign and missed it when the people came and pulled it up.

We had a birthday dinner at a nice restaurant.

And lots and lots of candles.

A good time was had by all!

Birthday Weekend!!


Son Logan is having a birthday this weekend. For some reason either he is growing or his mother and grandmother are both shrinking.


He is a patient kid, he puts up with all my hiking, geocaching, and other things I like to do.


He’s a scholar, presently at a community college and may be going to a four year university soon, and staying in the dorm. And his mother and I will be empty nesters, except for our five other kids (dogs and cats.)


And he is always ready for a good stretch!!


And he is patient with his dad sticking a camera in his face. I have almost 5800 photos of him in my archives.


And lucky for him, he takes after his mom. I think he is a good looking kid.


Especially when he is next time.


He loves chilling in his grandmother’s poo.


And he is a big reader. He goes everywhere with a book.


He and his mom love parasailing together.


And he loves video games.

Happy Birthday Logan!! We love you.

Logan’s Graduation


Well the rapidly rushing river headed towards Niagra Falls of Logan’s senior year finally came to the end and I guess we all survived. Wow, a lot happened this year, and wow, it all accelerated and got very fast at the end and then the end came and I guess we were all right.


It was all very emotional for me as my little baby boy that we brought home from the hospital 18 years ago is now a big strapping young man.


He is still our baby boy though except he is going to register to vote next week. 


We were fortunate to have my Sister Ellen (far right) her dashing husband Irv (far left), and my brother Bob (betwsen Logan and Ellen) travel a long distance to share the event with us.


The High School principal, Dr. Burrows, a very nice man came by and congratulated Logan. He told Heather a few weeks ago that they took a risk admitting Logan and he was very glad that he did. We are glad that he they gave Logan a chance also.


And here is me. No we didn’t plan on being so color coordinated.


And one of Logan’s classmates, Matt. Matt went out of his way to make Logan feel welcome when he first attended.


And this is Logan’s Kindergarten teacher from a long time ago. She had her hands full with an oversize class and Logan took a lot of attention but she hung with him. She was the first of a series of teachers from several schools who had a heart of kids and went the extra mile to give kids like Logan the attention he needed.


And this is the Kindergarten teacher’s daughter who went to school with Logan way back when and also graduated from the same school with Logan. She spent a lot of time helping Logan back then and they reconnected when Logan enrolled at the new school. 


Another look at Irv and Ellen. They make a very handsome couple don’t they. They are very nice. Our dogs fell in love with them though and have been down in the dumps since Irv and Ellen left to go back to Colorado.


Afterwards Nana hosted a party for Logan at her house the next day.  Many of Heather’s relatives attended the party as wells as Ellen and Irvin. 


The party was a combined graduation and birthday party and had a drama theme since Logan’s first love is acting and performing. Notice the cake with the marquee.


And the little chalk board like they use for movies. Or used to use anyway.


Several of Logan’s friends showed up and all had a good time. This is where I admit that I am a bad son in law and did not get a picture of Logan and his grandmother together. Don’t you worry though because I will get a picture and add it to this post. One nice thing about blogging is that you can rewrite history any time you want!


And then we sang Happy Birthday!!


I did get a picture of the boy and his mom. They have a special bond that brings tears to eyes when I think about it.

So anyways, maybe I’ll be a better blog friend now. We have been busy lately!!

It’s That Day Again

Birthday Cake and Birthday Angel

Somebody is having a birthday! Notice the Zumba cake that her mother got Heather. Also notice the Birthday Angel making another appearance. Time was Heather would groan when it was brought out, not any longer.

Heather as a Reindeer

Heather is always on the move these days. Full of life and surprises.

Heather with cake and Birthday Angel

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


The party continued a couple days later. I love her top, and her tiara.


And another birthday cake!!


And she blew all the candles out in one breath!!


Logan was looking forward to the cake


And so were our three mutts.



It’s my Dad’s birthday today. He’s still doing great.


He worked long and hard during his tenure in the US Forest Service while being a great husband for over fifty years and raising three kids.


He deserves to sit back and tell a few stories

Happy Birthday Gramps!

Somebody is having a Birthday!


Heather has another birthday!! Can you believe it?


She is wild. Nobody likes the beach more than she does.


She is out of control on the roller coasters, especially the ones that corkscrew upside down and all around!

Alan and Heather at KC and the Sunshine Band Concert

She’s my wife. Much more than I can deserve!!


So polish off your tiara and enjoy your day!!

In amongst all the other stuff you have going on,

Happy Birthday Heather!