New Years Eve Geocaching – Finding Tom’s Turkey Mountain Homestead – Finally!!

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There is a geocache named Tom’s Turkey Mountain Homestead located at an old Moonshiner’s Camp on Turkey Mountain. I have been looking for this cache a long time. The owner of the cache, kimbotjr, finally took mercy on me, or got tired my whining, and gave me a clue. I didn’t know when I was going to be able to get back up there because our weekends are pretty full and it is dark after work. Luckily though we got let our early at work on New Year’s Eve. So off I went in my work clothes.


I did change my shoes though. But otherwise I was the sharpest guy on the mountain on New Year’s Eve. Especially the hat.


The shadows were getting long so I didn’t have time to waste to use my precious clue.


Every time I’m up there I see things that I can’t explain. Don’t ask me what is going on here cuz I don’t know.


I had the clue but providence provided me with another aid to find the cache. Meet my new friend Soshie. Believe me or not but Soshie is no regular basset hound, he is a gold sniffing dog. That’s right, he can sniff out gold. Plus he likes me. So what the heck I took him along. I don’t know if that is cheating or not. My friend Trail Zombie used a metal detector to find this very same cache. If that is legal then using a gold sniffing dog is legal also. And probably not any help if there is no gold in the cache. Plus the cache is supposed to be a microcache, so it is pretty small.

Well guess what, we got there at the cache site and Soshie found the cache. Yes, he did and it was not a micro. Look at what we found.

Walking in #downtowntulsa #tunnels today I found where all the money is kept #bank #vault

The cache was as big as a bank vault! And loaded with gold. The site was not a moonshiner’s cabin. It was a gold mine. I found the lost treasure of Turkey Mountain! I don’t know how I missed it! Now, the cache is a mystery cache and posting pics of the cache is a nono but I hope that kimbotjr is understanding. If he is not he can delete my find. A find is worth a lot more than gold to a geocacher.

13 thoughts on “New Years Eve Geocaching – Finding Tom’s Turkey Mountain Homestead – Finally!!

  1. Ken TZ Childress

    To clarify, mine was an accidental find. My brother and I were looking for gold, copper, and old coins–which explains the metal detector. It was an accidental find on my part, but I’ll take it. For the record, I searched for this one 5 separate times.

    Does this complete Turkey Mountain for you?

  2. Barb

    Remember, I’ve been your blog friend for years, Yogi – all that gold – surely you want to share. I think a gnome might live in that gnarly tree. It’s scary up there – glad you had a guard/gold sniffing basset hound to protect you. Any New Year’s fireworks up on Turkey Mountain?

  3. DeniseinVA

    I sure am glad you found your cache of gold. I can carry bags full of gold bars/coins/whatever if you like, and I may kidnap Soshi for other gold hunts. She sure is cute!

    Happy New Year to you and your sweet family.

  4. adairmd

    What?!?! You found gold there? All I found was a small micro! Not fair. Glad you found the cache. I thought I was gonna have to go up there and show you where it was. HA HA!
    I really enjoy your blog!

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