Skywatch Friday – Mammatous Clouds over the Keystone Ancient Forest


New Year’s Day I roped Logan into going hiking with me at the Keystone Ancient Forest. The trees are old and gnarly, not very big, but tough as iron, mainly post oaks and cedars. Many of them are over 500 years old. The land is rocky and rough and all up and down with canyons cut through it. Not much good for anything besides just being a forest, and that is why it is still around and is now preserved and well loved. 


The sky? We have a front coming in so it started out clear and brilliant and then cloudy, then clear, well you know…. I’ll be posting more about this remarkable forest later. For today, I have clouds.

Skywatch Friday

29 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Mammatous Clouds over the Keystone Ancient Forest

  1. Sylvia K

    Wonderful clouds and skies and great captures as always! Unless you really love dull and gray, you wouldn’t want to be taking your camera anywhere here in Portland! Yucky!! And DULL!! Ah, well, later!!

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