Santa Came to Town


At Nana’s Christmas Open House Sunday guess who came down the stairs!


Oh yes, the ladies at the open house got to share some secrets.


And some laughs.


And make some wishes. Some of them kind of took Santa aback.




I think Heather is asking for an updated husband. Santa said that would that really not be hard to do.


Nana was really being outrageous


Logan and Santa got down on video games.


Well Santa I just want the Cowboys to not blow big leads. That gave him a big Ho Ho Ho.


Anyway, Santa and the Ladies all had fun!

And the Cowboys blew a big lead. Thanks for nothing Santa

9 thoughts on “Santa Came to Town

  1. Beth Edwards

    glad you get along with Santa so well. that is a great group shot. i wish i had such connections with Santa like you do. that is great for all important reasons!! ha. ha!! ( :

  2. Leedslass

    Nana is one very special lady if Santa managed to take some time off his very busy schedule to drop in. I think it may well be he knew he was on to a good thing with meeting all those ladies.

  3. Ellen

    Looks like your MIL has a great group of lady friends. I’m sure it was a fun time for all and I bet there was some good food involved too.

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