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Santa Came to Town


At Nana’s Christmas Open House Sunday guess who came down the stairs!


Oh yes, the ladies at the open house got to share some secrets.


And some laughs.


And make some wishes. Some of them kind of took Santa aback.




I think Heather is asking for an updated husband. Santa said that would that really not be hard to do.


Nana was really being outrageous


Logan and Santa got down on video games.


Well Santa I just want the Cowboys to not blow big leads. That gave him a big Ho Ho Ho.


Anyway, Santa and the Ladies all had fun!

And the Cowboys blew a big lead. Thanks for nothing Santa

Philbrook Museum of Art’s 2013 Festival of the Trees

Tree Collage 4
(I have decided that I like trees with bosoms. What about you? The tree at lower right was made out of recycled materials. I don’t know about you but we recycle our tree ever year. Yep, we pull it out of the attic and put it back ever year.)

Saturday afternoon Heather, Logan, and friend Patty took the world’s greatest Mother in Law, Nana to Tulsa’s Philbrook Museum of Art for some lunch and to see the Philbrook’s Festival of the Trees.

Tree collage 3
(These are nice but I don’t thing the kid is buying these kind of trees. Plus where would I hang my Dallas Cowboys ornament. I have a hard enough time sneaking it on the tree every year. Heather has no problem making sure that it goes on the interior side of the tree facing the wall.)

The Festival of the Trees is something I look forward to every year. The trees are all very creative.

Modern Christmas Trees
(These are unbreakable trees. You could use them for Christmas trees during the season and for traffic barricades off season.)

I don’t think that I would really want one of these in the living room but they are fun to look at.

Collage 1- cowboy tree
(You may have figured out that I’m a new subscriber to picmonkey dot com and by gum I’m going to get my money’s worth. Yep, so expect a torrent of collages and treatments. I’m not a huge fan of so called SOC. so leave me alone.)

One tree was a cowboy tree. It didn’t photograph to well as a whole but I loved the wire and rope ornaments.

Gingerbread Collage 2
(I just wish I could eat some of this stuff. I’m a big fan of gingerbread. I’m afraid that they might be a little stale and taste like Elmers.)

The gingerbread houses are also a favorite of mine.

Gingerbread Collage 1
(Ah, some favorites here. The top left was done by some kids in a class at Logan’s school. Top right is of Holy Family Cathedral where I was forbidden by a member to take photographs of the church. And that is why I’m going to hell when I die. I’m going to have lots of company though. Bottom right, Girl Scout Cookies!!!!!, bottom right is actually the gardens at Philbrook museum. Cool.)

It doesn’t take too long to go through both the trees and gingerbread houses.


One of the gingerbread exhibits getting lots of oohs and ahs with this scene of Tulsa. You get a whole tour of the city with this. From upper left clockwise to lower right you have the Golden Driller, the Blue Dome, the Mayo Hotel, and the BOK center. The Christmas tree and ice rink are the Winter Festival. This was nice but…


This was my favorite. Santa needs to go on a diet and so does Yogi.


Nana however is looking great!! Happy Birthday Nana!!

Our World Tuesday

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Weekend Reflections – Bright Shiny Things


Last Sunday morning Sweetie and I left SuperPizzaBoy at home so he could read poetry, listen to music and ponder important thoughts play video games. (No we didn’t go to church, we were total sinners and didn’t feel bad about it either. I know that we are on your prayer list.) Oh, sorry, I got off track. We went to a local nursery to shop for plants.


At least Sweetie was shopping for plants. I brought my camera along and was taking pictures. Taking pictures (cuz I’m not a photographers, I don’t capture images, I take pictures) of the plants but also…


of the bright shiny stuff they have for sale there. I just can’t believe that let people like me take pictures for free.


I just love it. I also think its a case of bloggernomics. You don’t know what bloggernomics is? Here is a lesson. See all those bright shiny balls below. I don’t know how much each string of baubles is but if you are a blogger...


You get all of them for free!!!! That’s bloggernomics.


It applies to multiple flats of flowers or


a whole pile of reflective balls. And as a bonus you don’t have to haul them out to the car, or unload, and then haul to the back yard. Or water them, or replace them after hail storms or any of that other stuff that comes with the concept of “owning” things.


Is that a win/win or what?


And when we were all done I was happy, and so was Sweetie. Here she is watering the flowers we put in at her mother Nana’s house (World’s greatest MIL in case you are wondering who Nana is.) Look at Sweetie’s big smile.


Nana was happy also, and so was SuperPizzaBoy! No telling what he did at the house while we were gone. I don’t want to know. Trust me.


So, do have any good examples of bloggernomics?

Weekend Reflections


From home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another
The warmth and joy of Christmas, brings us closer to each other.
(Emily Matthews)

Merry Christmas from the Yogi’s to you!
(Yogi, SuperPizzaBoy, Sweetie, and Nana)

Boots, BBQ, and Boogie at Cain’s Ballroom


The preparations have been going on for some time.

The Yogi’s, Nana, and a few friends went to the Boots, BBQ, and Boogie fund raiser for Bit by Bit at Cain’s Ballroom. The legendary music hall just north of downtown Tulsa.

They had a hard core Country Western Band for the Boogie part, and the dancing part. That’s where the boots come in you know.

Cain's Ballroom Band

The place just drips history,

Cain's Collage Two

Many names from the distant past played there.

Cain's Ballroom Stars

The music is loud!!!

Too Loud Sign

Country Music isn’t my favorite but I’m still of the “If it is too loud, then you are too old.” school. No offense!


Nice, uh, t shirts for sale.


As you can tell, everybody had a good time.

My World Tuesday

Do Y’all Remember Nana’s Birthday

Do y’all remember that time when Sweetie was trying to figure out what to do for her mother’s birthday? Do you.


She couldn’t figure out what to do until she fueled her imagination with a tiny bit of liquid inspiration.


I remember what she said, Oh I about died, it was perfect, it was brilliant. Do you remember what I said to her? Do ya? Huh? Yeah, I’m not repeating it. I told her that she didn’t have …. if she didn’t do it. You remember that? I double dog dared her is what I did. She’s a genius Sweetie is. I’ll tell you that much.

Oh yeah, Nana should have known something was up! Yeah she should have but she didn’t. Do ya remember that it was only noon and we popped open some bubbly? Do ya?


Didn’t you love this sight. Nana sipping on a little bubbly. I hadn’t seen her sip anything in years. You could tell she was a little nervous. She didn’t know where we were taking her. Do ya remember that? Do you remember what Sweetie told her? It was great, Sweetie told that she had it under control. Oh, I about rolled, it was great.


And then do you remember when Travis showed up? Oh Nana didn’t know what to think about guy showing with balloons saying Happy Birthday. Didn’t she, huh? She was nervous. I think she thought he was from Chippendales. Yeah, she didn’t know what was going on. I laughed so hard. Look at Sweetie, she about died.


Sweetie hired a limo for the afternoon. Isn’t that wild. That’s not something the Yogi’s do. That’s why I had to double dog dare her. A double dog dare has to be answered.

Do you remember the ride, wasn’t it wild.

There is me and Sweetie. She’s into it. We’re having a party. Notice Shannon in the background stealing a sip. Hey its sparkling cider! Yeah, you believe it, we are in a limo drinking sparkling cider?


Speaking of Shannon, wasn’t she just the best. That lady was crazy. Remember what she said about those pinpoint lights above her? Oh, it was great, I’m not repeating it. She was crazy, she was fun.


And Nana, the star, getting into it flanked by brother Bob, and Donna. You can tell Nana is getting into it already. Yeah, you remember that? One minute in the limo she acts like she has been riding limos all her life. I laughed so hard. That’s Nana, she’s irrepressible. You gotta move fast if you want to stay ahead of her.


And Patty and SPB. That Patty, she’s quiet but she is always in the thick of things. She’s game for anything. And who gave SPB a camera? That kid is crazy. He was out of control. Hey kid, let Dad see what you are taking picture of.


Where’d we go? Travis took us to the Philbrook Museum for lunch. You see mother and daughter? I was still laughing, Nana is happy and Sweetie is happy that Nana is happy. And I was happy that, well you get the picture.


Afterwards we toured the museum. Do you remember what that crazy Superpizzaboy was doing? Do you? Do you remember when he got busted by his mother taking pictures of the naked ladies? He about died he did. Look at his face. I about busted a gut. He is is so 12 years old. Waving at Santa Claus one minute, taking pictures of naked ladies the next.

Caught taking pics of naked art

Travis was cool, he took us on a tour of Utica Park before we went home. Here is a pic of the birthday crew.


Happy Birthday Nana! Hey Sweetie, what are we doing next year?

Clinton, Oklahoma High School Sub-Deb Club – 1958

subdeb1958 - cropped and rotated

My Mother-in-Law, Nana, had some friends from high school come visit last weekend. Everybody brought their scrapbooks, photoalbums, and old pictures and they had a great time visiting, swapping, and copying old photographs as well as catching up on the news.

She was telling us about this and showing us some of her old pictures when I came across this one. I fell in love with it, grabbed it from her and scanned it. I thought it was a very remarkable photograph about another time.

Nana is the dark haired girl behind the blonde in the blue dress on the right front row.