Wednesday – Musing with the Oktomat

Logan has been gone to camp at Falls Creek since Monday. It seems like a long time. We are missing our gentle giant of a son.

Heather got a text from the Youth Director indicating that Logan is having a great time and the YD is really enjoying Logan’s quick sense of humor. Of course that made us feel good. We know better but we had visions of Logan being all alone and miserable in this huge camp of over seven thousand kids including well over a hundred from the group he went with to the camp.

And the sense of humor thing. We know that the Logan we see is different from the Logan his friends see. We get glimpses of the other Logan from time to time and of course we like both sides of him. 

Anyways we are looking forward to the whatever Logan steps off the bus at midnight Friday here in Tulsa. We miss the guy.

He took his camera. I hope he is taking some photographs. Maybe I can post a few this weekend. 

8 thoughts on “Wednesday – Musing with the Oktomat

  1. Sylvia K

    I know you miss Logan, but I think this will be a great experience for him! I can imagine you are counting the hours until Friday night — I know I would be!! Look forward to seeing his pictures!!

  2. Jennifer A. Jilks

    WOW! 7000 kids???
    It’s good you had some feedback. I remember dropping my daughter off at camp the first time. It gets easier! I DID cry when I dropped her off for 2nd year university!

  3. Ellen

    7,000? That’s a massive camp. I hope he’s having fun. I think he should be a guest blogger on your blog when he gets back. He has your eye for photos so it will be great to see what he captures.

  4. DrillerAA

    I am thrilled that Logan is having a good time. 50 years ago the camp was seven days and didn’t wrap up until Sunday morning worship. During the final weekend the population would swell to 11,000. Kids who couldn’t make the entire camp would come down for just the week-end.
    Logan is going to have some great stories. I hope he took a bundle of photos for you to share.

  5. Leedslass

    I too am looking forward to seeing Logan’s pictures and so happy he appears to be doing well.
    On another note – I am having great difficulty in seeing pictures (I get black squares and oblongs) – should I install something or simply be patient?

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