Graffiti Friday – Cool Cat in the Permission Zone

2014-05-23 Graffiti

I was in east Tulsa yesterday for Logan’s school awards assembly (more on that later, he scooped up nine awards!) and I stopped by Mad Mike’s Liquor store on 11th street to see what was new in their graffiti. This cool guy with the shades was my favorite. 

Mad Mike’s has created a “Permission Zone” where graffiti art is encouraged. It changes quite a bit and is quite the place. 

Do you have any permission zones where you live?

7 thoughts on “Graffiti Friday – Cool Cat in the Permission Zone

  1. Leedslass

    I am amazed what can be achieved with a spray can of paint – I find it most difficult to use simple paint brushes:-) Neither do we have a permission zone that I am aware of but what a good idea to let young artists let off steam and show their work to others.

  2. Ed

    Great mural. Some graffiti really can be considered art, it is just done on a different “canvas”.

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