Skywatch Friday

Under a big blue beautiful Oklahoma Sky in Pioneer Woman country north of Tulsa.


SuperPizzaBoy takes his weekly therapeutic horseback riding lesson. Bob, the guy that runs the place decides to make a few changes.


SPB is riding Frisco instead of Sally. Frisco has better brakes than Sally.


Which means that son doesn’t have to worry so much about keeping his balance on the horse. Which means that he can relax and lower the reins.


Which means that the horse can lower his head.


And that makes for a better ride.

I don’t understand it all, but I have confidence in Bob, and I can see that son is getting more and more relaxed in the saddle but is also more and more in control of the horse.

It is all about observation and making changes and seeing what happens.

Under a big blue beautiful Oklahoma Sky.

23 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday

  1. Sylvia K

    Wonderful captures, beautiful skies and how fun to see SPB getting more and more comfortable in the saddle!! Good for all of you! Thanks for sharing with us! Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Barb

    I see SPB also has cowboy boots but not fancy ones like yours. I think horseback riding builds confidence. My granddaughter takes a jumping lesson every week. She really looks forward to it. Blue skies here in CO today, too!

  3. Ellen

    A relaxed rider makes for a relaxed horse. One of my favorite sayings for a rider is to “smile with all four cheeks”. I’m proud of my nephew’s horsemanship skills. He rides more often than we do and we have horses in the backyard.

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