Running and Thinking on Turkey Mountain


Last Wednesday I used my weekly kitchen pass to go run on Turkey Mountain. It was a good day to run on the mountain because it was pretty windy and the trees on the mountain cut the wind by a lot. It also looked like rain was coming. If it is warm I don’t mind getting wet but I’m not fond of electrocution so I won’t run in the rain if there is thunder and lightning. Lightning has the potential to ruin your entire day. I figure my odds are better on the mountain than down on the River Trails.


I’ve gotten lazy with the running. I like to do it in the morning. I also like to drink coffee check on other people’s blogs, poke fun at the liberals and tea partiers on facebook, and read the paper. Somehow I’m spending more time sitting on my butt than running. I can tell by my waistline and by my running.


Running is a total feedback thing. The more you do, the better you get, the less you do, the worse you do. Plus as your weight goes up, that just makes it harder.


Trail running is fun. Once I get a quarter mile down the trail from the parking lot I hardly see anybody. I see bicyclists but very few other runners. When the weather is iffy I don’t see hardly anybody. I like being by myself but I wonder sometime if I fell and broke or twisted something what I would do.  When I’m up there I don’t worry about it though.


I’ve never seen a threatening person on the mountain. I’ve come across a few homeless camps but the people living there are nowhere to be seen. To me it would be a lousy place for a homeless camp. There is no potable water up there, there are no food stores or convenience stores anywhere close. Plus runners are notoriously cheap, except for their running gear, so they would poor marks for panhandling.


I’m on Instagram (@yogiab) and every once in a while I check #turkeymountain to see who is posting what up there and last week I saw somebody posted a photo with some sort of caption about getting high on turkey mountain. The picture looked like some sort of pipe that looked kind of druggy to me. That actually simultaneously annoyed and chilled me. To my knowledge none of my family and friends uses illegal drugs. I guess that I lead a protected life. The other thing was “What the heck are you doing getting high on drugs on my Mountain!!!


Plus I was frustrated. Why would somebody do illegal drugs? I don’t get it.


Well anyway, it was getting dark when I got back to the parking lot. Time to go home!

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18 thoughts on “Running and Thinking on Turkey Mountain

  1. G. W. Bill Miller

    If you break a leg up on Turkey Mountain seems like you could call for help with your cell phone. Of course if you are unconscious it might be awhile before someone discovered you. Be careful Yogi, you are one of the good guys.

  2. Lois

    Nice pictures! I have enough trouble getting my daily walk in, much less running. I also tend to fall down a lot so I would never attempt running on a trail like that! It is beautiful though.

  3. Ellen

    It’s so green and beautiful. It’s still winter here so I’m looking for a new place to live. I like green and beautiful. Maybe the person doing drugs was from Colorado. We have a blurry line between legal and illegal here–as embarrassing as it is.

  4. Joyful

    I hope you do at least have your cell phone with you on the run. I just read the story of reporter/anchor, Ann Curry getting a broken snkle while on a hike. Fortunately some boy scouts came by and they helped her. It is beautiful up on “your” mountain.

  5. Cynthia

    I think that is something we all think about whether we run, hike, bike, etc. alone. It doesn’t keep me from going, however. Looks like a nice place to run.

  6. DrillerAA09

    We can always find an excuse for not being as cautious as necessary when we are doing something we love. My wife and friends are not thrilled when I head out on a 29,000 acre lake by myself. I understand their concern so I don’t do it much anymore. I have to find a fishing partner if I’m going to venture out on large bodies of water.

  7. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

    It looks like a challenging run! I read today that walking briskly is just as good for one’s health, if not better, than running. It just takes longer to go the same distance Watch out for the Jesse Pinkman’s up there on the mountain–you don’t want to get Mr. White angry 🙂

  8. Barb

    Yogi, I know what you mean about running. I am trying to start again and at my advanced age (older than dirt), it’s really hard. I’ve been cheating a little by just walking fast and pretending I’m running slow! Bob worries when I run the trails (or hike them) alone, but you really just gotta get out there where you can be alone with yourself. I usually tell somebody where I think I’m headed in case I don’t come back.

  9. adairmd

    I look at pictures on Instagram too. Where on turkey is the wagon wheel? It looks like it’s near a pond. I have never seen it.

  10. Yogi♪♪♪

    @adairmd – The wagon wheel is just off to the east of the old parking lot at the top of the hill (aka as “Lipbuster”). The Blue Trail runs right by it.

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