Philbrook Museum Festival of the Trees 2012

Last Sunday we loaded up the whole family including visitors Uncle Bob and Gramps and headed out to Philbrook Museum of Art’s Festival of the Trees.


It is a fund raiser held every year. Various artists put together trees for sale. Lots of creativity in play here.


Here is a tree for skiers.


And an owl tree


Little trees, big trees, trees everywhere.


I try and never miss the Festival of the Trees.


SuperPizzaBoy, Gramps, and Uncle Bob – we all had a good time.


Sweetie and SPB.


The Girl Scouts and other organizations make gingerbread houses. I always look forward to them.


Again, very creative and original


SPB did not care for the Barbie Doll Gingerbread house.


I loved the bubblegum roof on this.


This has a little bit of a Scandinavian air about it.


We looked at the rest of the museum and saw some old favorites like “The Blue Kimono” by William Merritt Chase painted nearly 100 years ago.


The have quite a collection of Native American Pottery.


And their latest addition, reclining teenager, hey wait a minute!!

If you live in Tulsa, go check the Festival of Trees out. Hurry though, it ends December 9.

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12 thoughts on “Philbrook Museum Festival of the Trees 2012

  1. Leedslass

    That looks like a fabulous exhibition and one that would appeal to me. SPB takes after Sweetie but you can tell where you and brother Bob get your handsome looks from! You’re like three peas in a pod.

  2. Sylvia K

    What a fun day for all of you! Beautiful festival!! All of you seem to be having a great time and I always love the shots of SPB! All of you “GUYS” look so much alike!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Gaelyn

    Lots of creativity and ideas for the holidays on those trees and I always like gingerbread houses. But the Barbies are too much for me also. Love the newest “teenager” exhibit.

  4. Janie

    I love gingerbreat houses. You saw some great ones at the museum, but I don’t blame SPB for not being crazy about the barbie gingerbread house.
    Wow, SPB is sure getting tall. Sweetie is looking short beside him.

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