Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Missing!

This week’s prompts were challenging for me, which makes it fun!

1. Missing


One of my obsessions is geocaching that is a sport where people hide caches out in various locations and post the GPS coordinates on Others go find the caches and log both a paper log in the cache and the online cache page. Sometimes I end up in creepy places like this long abandoned roadway near Tulsa. I walked down this road about a mile to the cache. This looked like a great place to go missing. Of course, not a soul knew that I was out there. If something happened to me it might a while before somebody found me.

2. Numbers

#free #pink #bicycles on #river_parks #tulsa good old number 103

Good old number 103!

3. Purple

Purple Christmas Lights

Christmas lights on Oklahoma City’s canal in the Bricktown area.

4. Music

Guitar Tower

A guitar tower at Seattle’s Experience Music Project. Talk about overwhelming. That was EMP.

5. Bracelet


26,000+ photos on Flickr that I’ve posted and not one bracelet tag so I’m cheating. This was my mother’s turquoise and silver necklace. Mom is gone and Dad gave me her necklace. I remember the day way back when Dad gave it to her. It was a great day for both of them.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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20 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday – Missing!

  1. Eugenia Robinson

    Love that guitar tower. It is really cool. And those purple Christmas light…they really stand out with a great reflections. Nice job with the scavenger hunt. Glad you did not do missing in action. genie

  2. Gaelyn

    You met this challenge very well. Love the necklace. Maybe you should let someone know where you’re going, like the GPS coordinates.

  3. Leedslass

    I’m trying to think whether I’ve seen purple lights before – I think not!
    Eerie road to go wandering on your own – what if the ghosts and ghoolies got you – think before you walk!!
    Just hope no English words have a different meaning in America……

  4. Nicki

    Very interesting road in your first shot and kudos to someone for pulling out the purple lights this holiday. Lovely necklace from your mom – a bracelet for the neck.

  5. Christine E-E

    amazing guitar display. we missed that — not sure how?? always thought I’d try geo-caching with our granddaughter… but I haven’t gotten any further than downloading info.

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