Welcome to the Party

Hey how about a Halloween Party? You up for it?

Teddy and CameraMan 2

Meet CameraMan and Teddy Roosevelt – they like parties!

Wicked Witch

Hey the wicked witch!! Except this one is nice.


How about Mr. Skull’s perfect teeth. Makes for a beautiful smile!


A ghoul with two heads – you know it is not polite to stare!

Amazing Zelda

Ah yes, the Amazing Zelda- the Fortune Teller – if You Dare. She doesn’t have good news for everybody.

Watch where you sit

Hey, we don’t want you to leave!! Have a seat! Yes, that one there. We made it just for you.

Monster Cookie

Have a bite to eat! Don’t you like our cookies? You don’t really want to upset the baker. You really don’t.


You don’t want to leave now do you? We are about to have ever so much fun.

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