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Welcome to the Party

Hey how about a Halloween Party? You up for it?

Teddy and CameraMan 2

Meet CameraMan and Teddy Roosevelt – they like parties!

Wicked Witch

Hey the wicked witch!! Except this one is nice.


How about Mr. Skull’s perfect teeth. Makes for a beautiful smile!


A ghoul with two heads – you know it is not polite to stare!

Amazing Zelda

Ah yes, the Amazing Zelda- the Fortune Teller – if You Dare. She doesn’t have good news for everybody.

Watch where you sit

Hey, we don’t want you to leave!! Have a seat! Yes, that one there. We made it just for you.

Monster Cookie

Have a bite to eat! Don’t you like our cookies? You don’t really want to upset the baker. You really don’t.


You don’t want to leave now do you? We are about to have ever so much fun.

Freaky Fun

This time of year can be very disturbing

Freaky Fun

SuperPizzaBoy’s school is private, so they have a “Freaky Fun Night.” Sounds innocent doesn’t it?

Freaky Fun 1

Well, then come join the fun!


We’ll have loads of fun!

Sweetie FF 1

Yes we will.

Annual Hayride

It’s time for the school’s annual hayride.

Hayride 1

You don’t want to miss it. Come feed the goats!

Hayride 2

Hang with your friends around the campfire.

Hayride 3

Have some smores. Yummy.

Hayride 4

Listen to a scary story.

Hayride 6

You don’t want to miss the last ride of the night. No you don’t. It is special! Lots of room for everybody, pack in tight. Any parents want to go? Hop in!
Hayride 5

The last ride of the night is the most fun.

Hayride 8

The Seniors make sure of that.

Hayride 9

Come back next year!

Happy Halloween

Halloween 2010 #1

Halloween started early. A lady I work with brought her two grandchildren to the office. Her grandson posed proudly for a photo.


His sister was having none of it.


They liked my atomic fireballs though.

Later I went to the Halloween Party SuperPizzaBoy’s school was having. Yep, you heard me, Halloween Party! Yeah private school. For those of you aghast at the thought of a Haloween Part, as far as I know none of the little devils has turned into a satan worshiper, yet.

Sweetie was there helping out. She is here, there, and everywhere. She doesn’t stay still long enough to get a non-blurred photo.


They had a pumpkin raffle and I won two of them.


You should have heard all the grumbling, “I can’t believe he won two of them.” Hey I bought five tickets and only won two pumpkins. I was counting on at least three.

But you know what the big news of the night was?


Bonnie and Clyde made a special appearance!


Aren’t they cute? Bonnie especially is very sweet.

I just love Halloween. How is yours going?

Halloween Serendipity #2

I found an old box camera on the floor of SuperPizzaBoy’s closet a while back. I took it in to get processed and found among other photos these of SuperPizzaBoy from several years ago.


He has always been a happy kid and he has always loved Halloween.


I think Sweetie took these photos, not me.


We couldn’t quite figure out how old he was in these pics.


Its like we were able to go back in time and retrieve just one warm Fall day at a pumpkin patch.


Hey, do you have any old film around your house needing processed? Go find it and get it processed. I’m glad I did.

Halloween Run Down and Run

Last night was Freaky Fun Night at SuperPizzaBoy’s school. Everybody had a great time.

We started out early evening with an almost full moon.


SuperPizzaBoy was a ghostbuster. He has his work cut out for him, the place was full of ghosts.


SPB’s friend Nicholas was Zeus

SPB scarfed down some pizza. But, is that really news?


Sweetie was a Gypsy, a cute Gypsy. Sorry for the blurry photo Sweetie. I like it though.


There were games. I made this last year. It has seen lots of use at various events.


SPB’s other friend Quinn got the Scariest Costume award. He scared me, I’ll tell you that.


The joint was jumping!!

Sweetie helped organize the event. I sat in on a meeting with her and the other women organizing the event. They were amazing. You know, I’m thinking about that. I’m tired of hearing about Obama this and W that and Bill this and so on. How about we get Michelle and Laura together and let them run things.I tell you what, we would have decent health care and a balanced budget. The Afghanistan and Iraq wars would get figured out as well. We guys, we just need to be told what to do, and we are fine.

Hey, I’m not done! (Yeah, well I am you mutter) I ran a race today. The Tulsa Run 15k. Its my 16th. This won’t take long.

Here is the starting line. It took me about 3 minutes to get here when the gun sounded.

I only took one picture during the race. This is at about 6K I think.

We finished in front of the BOK Center.

Runners get candy bars courtesy of Quik Trip. This year they had Snickers bars left so I grabbed a couple.

At the finish line we had a band led by Oklahoma’s own Grady Nichols.


They had a very long line for the beer. I hate beer lines. I like it when you just mob the beer truck. I’m pretty good at getting to the front. I don’t elbow anybody. I find a seam, turn sideways, and move through. Square up, find another seam, and repeat. Works wonderfully. Not much can be done with a line.

I got my cup of suds. I think they were running out. The people doing the serving seemed to be in a sour mood. Runners can be pretty demanding. We like to get our moneys worth of free beer.


So right now Sweetie is carving a pumpkin and we are going to go trick or treating tonight.

Halloween Prize

I generally ignore office parties and decorations and such but hey I love Halloween so when the office had a pumpkin decorating contest I decided what the hay, I’ll enter.

So I bought a couple of pumpkins and a gourd and set them out..

And I won!

Halloween Prize

Now, don’t be smirking especially when I say that they had three prizes and three entries.

A prize is a prize.

I am now an award winning pumpkin decorator.

Have you won any prizes lately? I want to hear the details!