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Welcome to the Party

Hey how about a Halloween Party? You up for it?

Teddy and CameraMan 2

Meet CameraMan and Teddy Roosevelt – they like parties!

Wicked Witch

Hey the wicked witch!! Except this one is nice.


How about Mr. Skull’s perfect teeth. Makes for a beautiful smile!


A ghoul with two heads – you know it is not polite to stare!

Amazing Zelda

Ah yes, the Amazing Zelda- the Fortune Teller – if You Dare. She doesn’t have good news for everybody.

Watch where you sit

Hey, we don’t want you to leave!! Have a seat! Yes, that one there. We made it just for you.

Monster Cookie

Have a bite to eat! Don’t you like our cookies? You don’t really want to upset the baker. You really don’t.


You don’t want to leave now do you? We are about to have ever so much fun.

Wild Wild Weekend

Whew, what a weekend.

Started Saturday morning when I ran in a 10K race. The Tulsa Zoo Run.


Sorry, I didn’t take any photos during the race. I decided to run this one.

No, I didn’t win it. In fact this is the scene I came upon within seconds of going through the finish line.


You know what this is? I’ll tell you. The results of the race I was running in had already been determined, printed, and posted by the time I finished. That was a clue that I didn’t win it.

However, I did get a picture of tiger defecating.


Just to remind you that although I love mommybloggers I am not one.

I also got a pic of resting rhino.


Later, Sweetie and I got dressed up for an early season Halloween Party.


Meet “Dirty Dog” and his woman, “Chick.”

Greatest collection of female hotness ever gathered together in one spot in Oklahoma. Hey where is Dawn?


An image stuck with me though. I don’t know why. It was like I was haunted.

Jonni - 2

Sweetest woman I’ve ever known but something not quite right about that girl.

Not done yet, Sunday afternoon SuperPizzaBoy and I played a rousing match of disk golf with the Tulsa Gentleman, Bill at the River Parks.


SPB beat us by a stroke to take the match!


What did you do this weekend?

Bids, Baskets, Bites, and Prime Numbers

SuperPizzaBoy’s school had a fund raiser last Satuday night. It was a party. Each of the classes had put together a basket and you bid on each basket in a silent auction format. Everybody spends a lot of time and attention putting their basket together and decorating the table that it sits on. Below is the table that Sweetie decorated. It and the basket she put together is based on the television series “The Office. The typewriter is courtesy of Nana, SPB’s grandmother.

Oh, the food. Each table has food. Lots of food. Almost all of it is good, but bad for you. I never have figured out how things can be good but bad at the same time.

SPB goes to a private school and things are a little different. They have a Halloween party for example. A few parents don’t like it but most don’t seem to think that we are raising legions of devil worshippers. Christmas is allowed! Wow. I’m digressing again, I’m sorry, I’ll get to the point: We could get a glass of wine! I only had one, after all I was driving, but it was great.

I’m really off track. See all the stuff on the table? It now belongs to the guy on the left. Me. Sweetie says no more silent auctions for me. She is so mean sometimes.

Lets see, I won 6 baskets: The fishing basket, complete with with three fishing rods, including a pink one for Sweetie. The spaghetti basket, the photo basket which includes a new digital camera, and a micro camera (oh!), the weaved basket (done by SPB’s class, I had to get it, right?), the Bookworm basket (of course), and the Patio basket!

The good news, I got a lot of great stuff. The bad news, we have to pull SPB out of school, we can’t afford to pay tuition any more. He’s a smart kid. He’ll be ok.

I knew that it was going to be that kind of night for me. How did I know? Because my assigned auction id number was 23, a prime number. I love prime numbers. They are so mysterious and very auspicious for me. I could bore you to tears with the beauty of prime numbers.

Little Dixie Christmas Party

This has been the year for Christmas Parties for the Yogi family. We have had several. Some years we don’t have any. Last weekend we journeyed down to Nana’s house to attend her Christmas Party. A good time was had by all. For me the best part of a party is when most everybody is gone except for a few. Then you can do things that are hard to do during the party.
Here is a picture of the “remnant.” Time for the post party!

Time to make, and drink, chocolate martinis. Sweetie is getting good at them. Note the “real” half and half. Lots and lots of fat grams!
And I can put on my favorite and most comfortable shoes. Sweetie hates them. I don’t think that Nana likes them too much either. But they are very comfortable. You can get your pair here.

A dog breeder friend of Nana’s brought over a $2300 maltese puppy. Sweetie fell in love with it. Made me kind of nervous. She gave it back though. Sweetie is going to make do with our two mutts.

Post Post party photo. Where is SuperPizzaBoy? He might have been taking the picture. Notice my favorite hat. A Dallas Cowboys Santa Hat. Sweetie gave it to me so I wouldn’t wear my Antlers Bearcats hat. She doesn’t show any pride in her school so I have to wear the hat. Except now I have my Cowboys hat.

Chocolate Martinis and Pancakes

John and Donna came up from Little Dixie to impart a little culture to us Rubes in Tulsa. I hope that we didn’t embarrass them too much.

First, we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. Two in our party got a little carried away. I don’t what these two are doing except Sweetie was talking about her favorite television show as a child was “The Flying Nun.”

Then we went home where John taught Sweetie how to make chocolate martinis. Back in school I took all sorts of chemistry labs. I had never seen anything so complicated as the preparation of these drinks. It was taking them a lot of time. I was having to drink beer in between rounds to keep my buzz going.
I don’t know what all the fuss was about. Those martinis were not any good.

The next morning after we came to, I mean woke up. I made pancakes. My one or two readers know that I’m very particular about the 1/4 cup rule and face centered cubic structure and all that but there is one exception. The “dog cake” traditionally the last of the batter is made into a large pancake and given to the dogs.

I changed the tradition some time ago, to the consternation of the dogs. Now, I get the dog cake. Of course I eat in honor of the dogs so the spirit of the dog cake is preserved. Just to make sure that nobody gets confused about whose pancake it is I monogram it.

All good times must end so we had one last party pic. SuperPizzaBoy and I were headed to a Cub Scout Meeting. Unfortunately Mr. Rick wasn’t going to have us work on the bartending merit badge. SPB might have been able to meet the requirement for Specialty Drinks.

Halloween Party

Last week I was working on this: It caused a lot of people to stare from the street wondering what is going on.

It turned into a Halloween Game. After decorating by the school moms.

The object of the game is to throw rolls of toilet paper into the pot.
It was a big hit. The boys kept hitting the seat though. What is up with that?

I wanted to use another toilet seat over a punch bowl with lemonade. I was the only one who thought that was a good idea. So it didn’t happen.

Sweetie made costumes.
SuperPizzaBoy was Link (a video game character from
the Zelda series.)

Sweetie and I were Mario and Luigi. She did a great job.
(No mean comments about the L on my forehead allowed)

I liked the bib overalls especially. They are comfortable.
No belt. I’ll be wearing them a lot.