SuperPizzaBoy Goes on a Ride

SuperPizzaBoy has been participating in Therapeutic Horseback Riding for some time now. But it was time for a change.


His old therapy place had volunteers lead the horses while the clients rode. It works wonders but SPB was ready for a step up. Something the old place couldn’t do for various reasons.


So Sweetie went to work researching the issue, hard, as is her style. She was looking for a place that was safe and dedicated to the kids. After calling and checking and researching and then visiting she found All Star Therapy out of Ramona, a ways north of Tulsa on the way to Bartlesville.


So Sweetie and SPB went up and checked it out and we got SPB all signed up. Today was his first ride.

He has a little ways to go before he joins the pro rodeo circuit but guiding the horse is a whole new ballgame compared to sitting on the horse while somebody leads it.


I don’t know a thing about horses and even less about riding horses but I think a horse is looking for a little leadership from the rider. So the rider just can’t check out.


They had son guide the horse around the arena for a while while doing various exercises and then he went out for a ride on a short trail.


It was about ten minutes but SPB had to guide the horse along the trail.


Sweetie couldn’t be there. A family baby shower in western Oklahoma had to be attended. But hey I was there to document the affair. So I guess she did all the work and I get the glory, right? She’d say “So, sounds about normal to me.” And she’d be right.


Way to go my gentle giant of a son, take a bow Sweetie!! You both are wonderful.

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19 thoughts on “SuperPizzaBoy Goes on a Ride

  1. Barb

    I cannot believe how SPB has grown this year! My Granddaughter has taken riding lessons for a couple years. Now all she talks about is a horse of her own! Get ready Yogi. Good Luck to SPB!

  2. Denise

    I think you are all wonderful, SPB looks very comfortable and at ease on his horse. I don’t think I would be, as much as I love all animals. Impressive!

  3. Sylvia K

    This is fantastic! I owned two horses for years and my kids grew up with them and learned to ride at an early age. The interaction between kids and horses is wonderful! Good for all of you!! SPB does look at ease and it’ll only get better!

  4. P M Prescott

    Horses are the best therapy. If you know of anyone who needs a good horse trainer especially for therapy use let me know. I have a good friend who needs to move to a lower altitude for health reasons and she’s a great horse trainer.

  5. Mary

    Wow what a great thing. I think he did very well at that experience. I love that you included a clip. Tell him he has my vote for coolest kid on a horse. PS..Thank you for joining me. Mary

  6. Leedslass

    Having become quite an officionado of horse riding (courtesy of watching the Olympics), looks like SPB is a natural. Beautifully straight back! I give him 10 out of 10 and a gold medal.

  7. Ellen

    That is incredible! Looks like that little gray horse might be part Arabian. I’m so proud of my nephew. Wish he lived closer so he could ride our horses (somebody needs to).

  8. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Lovely post! Your son really has gotten tall since I started reading your blog.. (strange the way that happens to kids over the years!)….Good for Sweetie and for SPB both (I’m scared of horses)…..

    And good for you too for being there, documenting it, and sharing it — thanks!!

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