2012 Snake Run

Today I ran in my second Snake Run. I love it.


The walk from the parking lot to the starting line is about half a mile and good steep climb. It is its own warm up and the woods are beautiful this time of year. (I’ll say that regardless of the time of year.)


Race Director, “Trail Zombie” (aka Ken) gave us some pre race instructions on how the race is marked and just what the deal is. Most races have a set distance and you try and minimize your time. This race, the time is set at either three hours or six hours and you try and maximize your distance. Fun, fun, fun.


It was kind of chilly so some people brought their snuggies. I wish I had thought of it.



TZ should have spent some time explaining what everybody was wearing. Remember the late 70’s when women wore leggings? Well men have them now. What’s the deal. I felt really under dressed without my snuggie and my leggings. I guess that I’ll have to go to the running store and get me some leggings.


So the women don’t wear leggings, I guess these are “armings.” Is putting them on called “arming” and taking them off called “disarming.” Going without is “unarming.” Oklahoma is about to be an open carry state my tea partier representative tells me. My tea partier state senator doesn’t talk to me. I don’t blame him.


Nice view of downtown. Turkey Mountain is an urban wilderness, so the city surrounds it.


I think Maytag is a sponsor of the race. This appliance actually still works. Honest!


Trail races are fun and the food is great. They have it on the course, not just the end.


This is the crew that counts how much you ran. They have a four mile loop and a half mile loop. So you just run yourself silly until time is up.


These are the awards. This is also what Okies look like to our President. He came to Cushing (oil pipeline capital of the USA) to announce his approval of a project that didn’t need his approval. The state GOP went nuts trying to outdo each other expressing how sorry it is.  Some of us Okies thought our elected officials could have been a little gracious to O.


This is the award I won, in fact awarded myself two.

This is also what I got, muddy feet. At least I didn’t fall. I do have a little booboo on my right knee. I kept asking people if they noticed it.  They didn’t, so I’m looking for a little blogging sympathy.

And I got a nice medal and a brand spanking new tee shirt!

What did you do today??

15 thoughts on “2012 Snake Run

  1. Denise

    Sorry about your boo boo 😉 Sympathy, sympathy, sympathy. Bet that beer tasted good after the run. Sounded like a good day and I enjoyed the photos.

  2. SandyCarlson

    That’s a fun outing. Scenery, food, awards, AND fashion tips for all of us. Whoa!

    With armings and leggings, you might as well get the ol’ unitard out!

  3. Barb

    I see your booboo but am glad to hear you didn’t fall on a snake. I can remember this run from last year – I was wondering then why anyone would do it, and you’ve done it again. My only consolation is that I know Sweetie would never do it. Good for you, Yogi!

  4. GW Bill Miller

    Where is your rattlesnake trophy? Actually my day started out great then I ran over a curb and blew out both tires on my right side, bent the alloy wheels and everything. Other than that it was great.

  5. Leedslass

    Funny and fascinating day you had and commiserations on your “booboo”???? I’d call it a graze but perhaps we’re a little tougher in Yorkshire?
    Commiserations also to Bill – whatever speed were you doing to blow two tyres?? Methinks, just a little bit faster than you ought.
    What did I do yesterday, I started painting a watercolour.

  6. Lois Evensen

    What great fun! I love the fashions and the awards are pretty cool, too.

    I hear were plenty of people in Ohio who didn’t appreciate the Big O being there last week, either. Don’t try to convince them that they’re stupid. We don’t believe it and he shouldn’t either.

    Happy Sunday,

  7. AVCr8teur

    Congratulations! Those are some neat looking awards. Did you get bit by a snake? I have never heard of a run that serves food in the middle of the race. I think the Maytag repair man has been looking for that machine.

  8. Ellen

    Food in the middle of a race, a new t-shirt, and beer. Sounds like a perfect day even though you were kind of dirty and injured.

  9. EG CameraGirl

    I see your boo boo and it looks so painful. What a brave boy you are!! :)) (Did I do good noticing your boo boo?)

    I like a person who can call a day a beautiful one no matter what season. You have an open mind.

    Congratulations for earning your medal.

  10. Unknown

    Congrats on the boo boo. A little blood to go with the mud. Reminds me of that Johnny Cash song “…kickin and a gougin in the mud and the blood and the beer”.
    Oh, and those are called “arm panties”.

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