Downtown Tulsa Oktomat


This is from my second roll on my brand new Lomography Oktomat Camera. A plastic camera that has eight lens and shoots eight shots in about two seconds on a single 35 mm frame. I’m still working my way around the camera. The above shot is of the plaza of the office building where I work. They are busy with a construction project rebuilding the plaza. I just love construction sites.


I like this skyline shot as well. I’ve noticed that the clearest sharpest picture is generally the upper left and the most faded out blurry pic is on the lower right side. I have a feeling that that is just the way it is. Part of the appeal of Lomography to me is that you there are very few adjustments to the cameras. They are literally point and shoot.


What can I say, I love arches. There is something almost spiritual and inviting about them. They are like beckoning to a quiet sacred place.


I love the stacked domino appearance of this shot of Tulsa’s Petroleum Club Building. I also like how the color changes noticeably from frame to frame. I guess that I’m easy to entertain.

I’m still learning what kind of pictures are suited to this camera. The failure rate is high.

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