Woodward Park – Springtime Pinhole Photography Holga 135 PC

Appeal to the Great Spirit at Tulsa's Woodward Park

I took both Holga 135 PC Pinhole Camera and my Canon Superzoom to Woodward Park on Sunday. So I have a few shots where I got similar images from both cameras.


I had to fiddle with the exposure on the Canon for this. Of course with the pinhole camera there is no adjustment besides how long you manually open the shutter. The sculpture looks a lot better with the digital but the background is a mess. The pinhole camera “schmears” the background a little and IMHO gives the overall photo a little bit better look.



This bridge and rock stairs is kind of a draw in my opinion. I have to tell you that I like the film shot a bit better.



This shot across the water is markedly different. The water was a little ripply from the wind and the schmearing effect of the long shutter time gives the surface an ice rink kind of appearance. The people across the pond have a more mysterious appearance. The digital camera provides tons more clarity.



You know, what the heck. Can you go wrong with daffodils as a subject. I don’t think so.

So what do you think? Am I crazy for liking pinhole cameras?

6 thoughts on “Woodward Park – Springtime Pinhole Photography Holga 135 PC

  1. DrillerAA09

    Honestly, the pinhole provides a really nice quality to the images. The bridge photo is a little better composed in the pinhole example. It takes some work to get the same blurred background with a Canon super-zoom. I have one and it really wants to keep everything in focus. I never have mastered all of the manual settings on my Canon. Nice work Yogi.

  2. Leedslass

    My preference is for the sharp photographs every time. The pin hole have that blurred look that takes me back to the olden days of the box Brownie:-)

  3. Lee Ratliff

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