Oral Roberts University Prayer Tower


The prayer tower is at the center of the Oral Roberts University campus. ORU is a christian university her in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The tower was designed by Frank Wallace, who designed some of the other buildings on campus, and built in 1967. It is built to look like a cross from any angle. The lattice work is symbolic of the crown of thorns.


It is certainly a striking building. It has many reflective surfaces.


It is the centerpiece of the campus.


Of course, being in the natural gas industry, I noticed that they still have their natural gas fired flare still going at the top of the structure. I’m glad I’m not the one paying for that!

Weekend Reflections

13 thoughts on “Oral Roberts University Prayer Tower

  1. Sylvia K

    Awesome tower, gorgeous blue skies and terrific reflections for the day! And, no, I wouldn’t want to be paying the bill for the gas either!! Not these days! Hope you have a great, fun weekend!


  2. Leedslass

    What an amazing building – apologies but I’m almost tempted to comment “only in America”. Perhaps to a Brit’s eyes one becomes used to “old” architecture rather than such modern conceptions. However, I have to retract the above when I think of The Gerkin in London. Now I’ve confused myself, but that’s easily done:-) Please feel free to erase this gobbledegook – it’s a case of I know what I mean but it’s difficult to put into words!!!

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