Ruby Red Truck Wheels – Lartigue Style

Truck Tires with Red Rims Lartigue Effect

I had a business trip to Oklahoma City last week. A coworker was driving and I had my Takashi 521 FX special effects camera along. As we passed vehicles I tried to capture their wheels to get the Lartigue distortion effect possible with the camera. I had a very low batting average what with the shutter delay and all.

I did get these wheels. Luckily they were red, after a little boosting from they were Ruby Red.

Ruby Tuesday

14 thoughts on “Ruby Red Truck Wheels – Lartigue Style

  1. Ralph

    As others have pointed out, capturing the shot while driving I-40 would be a feat few attempt (and escape from). The wheels are bold and unexpected on a large rig such as this. Happily, the capture proves otherwise…

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