Blue Bayou Monday


I’ve been back from vacation a full week now and although I love my job and the peopleI with my mind tends to wander back to the Bon Secour River near Mobile Bay.

Oh well, we got bills to pay and a kid to educated. Work, work, work!!

Where does your mind wander?

10 thoughts on “Blue Bayou Monday

  1. DrillerAA

    I guess my greatest fear is that my mind will wander off and not come back. I can dream of places and things that I would like to see and photograph. Of course, being retired now, “work, work, work” doesn’t enter the equation, but “where’s the money going to come from” does.

  2. EG CameraGirl

    OH, my mind is forever wandering. I can’t begin to tell you all the places it goes. 😉 But I’m glad you had such a great vacation, even gladder (is that a word?) that you came back and are blogging again.

  3. Anne Paley

    At this stage in my life, my mind tends to wander into the past. Memories are wonderful things to have.

  4. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Yup, you gotta’ be old with grown up kids before you can play all day. Hang in there. I remember that Bon Secour River very well (tho we did not kayak back then). That area is so beautiful. We spent one whole season near there and have visited for short periods a couple of other times. Food is really good and cheap too or was when we were there. Both restaurant and groceries (farm markets)

  5. BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals

    I happened on this post after reading “Our World — Kayaking The Bon Secour River” and felt inclined to share this link about how River Rick and I decided to leave our familiar world, family etc. to embark on a simpler life adventure by inviting folks to share in our passion of the Bon Secour River in Foley, AL entitled “Once Upon A Dream — Inspiring Story of Business Owners Enduring The Good Times & Bad To Live The American Dream” pg. 17, June 2011 published by Alabama Gulf Coast’s Observer :

    As with most folks, our “adventure” came as a result of overcoming injury, turmoil, natural disasters — including an oil spill! — and the worst recession in history.

    The “beginning” began with a constant and reoccurring daydream of sitting in a beach chair on a lovely, sandy beach under a palm tree, holding an umbrella drink.

    River Rick never stops daydreaming — only now he is enjoying the physical realization of an ages-old daydream that was sparked by a drawing that rested under a glass-covered desk in a windowless office.

    Here’s wishing you never stop daydreaming!

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